A “flamboyance” of flamingo bombing in St. Louis

This is the best news report EVER. Thanks to Donna for the tip. Hey, it’s summer, do you own a set of authentic 1958-reproduction Featherstone Flamingos

pink flamingosGet yee a pair… hey, get yee a flamboyance and you, too, can become a mystery Flamingo Bomber, spreading Random Acts of Flamingo into your neighborhood, too:

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Flamingo hunting: Retro Genie found these old old NOS!


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    • pam kueber says

      yes, “realmingos!” Note, I am pretty sure the ones I show via Amazon are the authentic reproductions — made by Union Products, today.

  1. Andi says

    This is FUN! I loved that the reporter really got into it, as did the “bombees,” both kids and adults.

    I have seen a few flamingos in yards around town here in semi-rural PA….for the moment, mine are confined to a few vintage prints on the sun porch, but a pair of “realmingos” could be winging their way here any time now.

    Fun story, thanks for posting it!

  2. virginia says

    Bought a pair of these some weeks ago — Have them nestled in a large large plant-tree in our living room. Along with a papier mache tucan made by a friend over 25 years ago.

    The box alone is worth it. Awesome graphics on that box.

    Keeping mine indoors.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    One of our daughters spent some time in Florida before moving back to Connecticut, and she loved the real flamingos. So when she and her fiance had a lawn wedding, I dressed up a pair as a bride and groom and planted them in her front yard. They still come out once in a while.

    Our other daughter and son-in-law have been carrying on a gnome prank with us ever since the year they got married. Suddenly, a gnome will appear in one of our yards, sometimes carefully screened by a plant, so it isn’t discovered for weeks. I would like to know if garden gnomes started in the 1930s or so. I seem to remember them in relatives’ gardens in the 1950s. A story on those sometime would be welcome.

    Then there are the pinwheels and whirligigs, which 1950s fathers and grandfathers fashioned from hobby magazine plans for the enjoyment of their spouses and neighbors. I love to see a yard filled with Dutch windmills, Sunbonnet Sues watering flowers, etc. Keep on the lookout for them.

  4. Debbie says

    I bought a couple of pink flamingos at Wal-Mart this spring: $4.99 each and the label actually said “Made in U.S.A.” I now wish I’d purchased an entire flock.

  5. Scott says

    Congrats Genie on finding these NOS, how cool is that? They even look great inside with that snazzy green wall. Original boxes are soooooooo much fun.

    I followed the bread crumbs from RR to Amazon and snagged a set last year. They have been patiently waiting but will be set free sometime in the next few weeks as soon as my garage goes from beige to mint green. I can’t wait.

  6. Mary Elizabeth says

    I forgot to say that around here, if you wake up to a multitude of flamingos in your front yard, they say you’ve been “flocked.” Someone collecting for a charity leaves you a note, and you can make a donation to the charity. Then by dark of night you move the flock of flamingos to someone else’s lawn, along with the note, and so it goes around town.

    Prior to this, we used to flock someone on a major birthday (such as 40 or 50), or retirement, etc.

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