Eero Saarinen chairs in an Eero Saarinen house

eero saarinen chair in eero saarinen houseAnd then there are the days that you just want to rest your eyes on Eero Saarinen chairs sitting pretty in an Eero Saarinen house in a photo taken by Balthazar Korab. Above: Double your pleasure with Eero Saarinen Tulip Chairs… and a Womb Chair, both in the Saarinen House in Bloomfield, Michigan. 

saarinen houseAbove: This seems to be the house the chairs were sitting in. But I’m not sure. Maybe maybe not. In any case, it’s a house that Eero Saarinen designed for another Saarinen — his mother.

eero saarinen guest houseIn the two photos above, this house is noted as “formerly the Loja Saarinen house” and as the “House for Mrs. Eliel Saarinen.” Loja Saarinen was Eero’s mother. She was a talented artist in her own right, the head of Cranbrook’s Weaving department from 1930-1950. Eliel Saarinen was Eero’s father. Eliel was Cranbrook’s first resident architect and later, he became Cranbrook’s president.

More midcentury modern home photos from Balthazar Korab:

All photos from: Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Balthazar Korab Archive at the Library of Congress, [reproduction number, e.g., LC-DIG-krb-00175]Photos were taken between 1939-1956.


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  1. Steve H says

    I love looking at house floorplans. This one is wonderful. I especially like how the bedrooms connect to the shared bath. It seems like it would be right in sync with today’s smaller house movement.

  2. Laurie Louise says

    You all are reading my mind about the floor plan! More and more, I find myself gravitating towards homes that have a sheltered porch connecting two “wings.” When I pass one, I just want to stop my car and go sit. This post is a breath of fresh air on a warm summer morning, Pam. Thanks!

  3. Geronimom says

    Love this! Saarinen had such vision – his thoughtful and creative design aesthetics still work today. I’ve had a real soft spot in my heart for his work ever since, as a former TWA flight attendant, I was privileged to fly in and out of one of his more uniquely iconic architechtual achievements on a regular basis – the former TWA flight terminal at JFK airport in New York. That building was absolutely amazing and showcased his style so well! It was designed to connote a bird taking flight – and that it did! Thanks for the happy memory jog this morning, Pam!

  4. Kelly Wittenauer says

    Must have a Womb Chair some day!

    May want to correct – the Miller house is in Columbus, Indiana. Not Ohio.

  5. Jay says

    Always fun to see floor plans and this is a nice concise layout. Providing a separate powder room is nice since the shared bath access is from the bedrooms only. Putting the utility and private spaces at opposite ends was nice, allowing for the the wall O’ windows on each side ofr the living space. The kitchen really was treated as utility space, it’s not even adj. to the dining area. Maybe not much cooking went on there.

  6. Amy R says

    There’s a vintage house I love near me that looks a lot like that house, in its layout…but it’s a Spanish hacienda style, with a long, deep porch on the front. I was given a tour once; it has two bedrooms at one end, and the kitchen is at the other end. In the middle is a spacious living room, with windows to the east and the west. A Saarinen inspired house perhaps? Or was he inspired by the hacienda style?

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