Modfire — midcentury modern style fire pits hand made in the USA

retro modern fire pitOur original story: As temperatures start to drop, it seems like there’s nothing better than cozying up around a warm fire — a ritual made even more fun when gathering around a stylish fire pit. The folks at Modfire make three different styles of modern fire pits that are available in an array of colors and sizes — plus, each one is hand made by skilled metal workers right here in the USA. 

retro modern fire pit

According to company co-founder Brandon Williams, Modfire was started in 2010, and business has been going strong for the last four years.

About the company from the Modfire website:

Each Modfire is crafted in the same Arizona studio where we designed the very first one for our own patio. Modfire was born and raised in the USA, and each Modfire product is hand-crafted with the passion and quality that can only come from being American-made. Typically a single artisan will work with a Modfire through the entire manufacturing process – ensuring that each weld is firm and each curve is smooth.

retro modern fire pit

We founded our steel studio to create custom installations and furniture for high-end residential and commercial projects. Each individual piece had to be perfectly formed as a unique element of the overall design. There was no room for error.

We bring that same sense of detail to our Modfire Collection. These are not mass produced assembly line cutouts. We individually craft each piece by hand,  a metal artist is involved in the production of every component. Each one has its own personality. The quality we strive for is not of a manufactured fireplace – stamped out by machines, but of a hand-crafted functional sculpture.

retro modern fire pitPrices for the fire pits starts at $950, and though that is not inexpensive, remember, these are hand made in the U.S.

The fire pits are made from 14 gauge rolled steel — with the exception of the Solfire, which is made from 1/8th plate steel — and are powder coated to provide a vibrant, protective and long lasting finish. A variety of colors are available — from vibrant reds and oranges to cool aquas and greens — and neutrals like black and copper.

retro modern fire pit

Above: The starburst shaped ‘Astrofire’ is reminiscent of footed midcentury planters, with its boldly colored bowl sitting atop a platform of slanted legs.

retro modern fire pit

retro modern fire pit

retro modern fire pitAbove: The ‘Solfire’ has a playful, modern look.

retro modern fire pitModfire’s original design — the ‘Urbanfire’ comes in the widest variety of colors and options. For outdoor use, it can be configured to burn wood, natural gas. There’s also an indoor model, the ‘hausfire,’ that is fueled with ethanol.

While the standard size for the Urbanfire design is four feet tall, Modfire also offers an extra large model in this style, called the ‘bonfire’ — measuring in at an impressive seven feet tall.

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  1. Sandra says

    Check local codes before spending the money. Burning wood is illegal in some places. California, for example, has outlawed using one’s fireplace on “spare the air” days, which are frequently the days when one would want to use them.

  2. Barbara says

    I absolutely adore every single one of them, but the price range is just not doable for me. For that amount of money, I could do a heck of a lot to my house. I envy those who can afford them. They are truly beautiful.

    • Cindy Friday Beeman says

      They are fabricated, which means a lot of work in artistic and engineering design has gone into them. Your other less expensive option is to find the inside drum of an old school washing machine. They also look arty in their own way! But these are beautiful and I appreciate Makers finding a market. 🙂

      • Heart says

        I agree, these Are Beautiful! Thank you for sharing Pam.

        Keeping in mind these are priced for ‘to the trade’ or High End/Commercial clients. As as an Artist, if you don’t want to be ‘starving’ for all the design/production/marketing/licensing this is the way to go.

        I also agree with Cindy that an old washing machine drum with holes all around, makes a quite decorative fire pit. And you can’t beat the price…

  3. Deb says

    Am still working on my retro kitchen! Black and white tile floor installed. Have possibly found a distributor for stainless counters.
    Really excited. Will keep you posted. LOVE retro renovation newsletter. Keep up the great job! Still bummed about the turquoise boomerang pattern that has been discontinued.
    Darn it!

  4. Nathanael Kitchen says

    I want the green one. They are not much more than the average bbq smoker. Once you start welding stuff its not gonna be too cheap if you want it to last.

  5. Amy says

    We bought something similar from Home Depot – NOT made in the USA, though. We love it – definitely has that MCM or ’60’s look we want.

  6. Kit says

    Wow, all are stunning! A traditional, indoor fireplace int an inexpensive addition to any home, so I don’t really see the price as being so outrageous or out of line for something so beautiful. If we didn’t have a brick wall with a huge fireplace already in our home, I woulnt hesitate to spend a good amount of money on such a beauty!

  7. Mary Elizabeth says

    Love the design. Love that they are made in the U.S. Am in the market for a fire pit in our back yard since we stopped camping. 🙁 Have to investigate any potential warrantees. If they are warranteed for a period of years, it might be cheaper in the long run than buying a cheap import that rusts out in a year or two.

  8. says

    They had some cheap knock-offs at Target ths summer that were just under $100. They were in black but I heard of people having them powder coated….

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