1954 Texas time capsule house — interior design perfection — 26 photos

time capsule interior decorTour-a-Time-CapsuleFrom the repetition of colors and textures… to the thoughtful furniture arrangement in each room… there are a lot of great interior design tips from studying this 1954 time capsule ranch home for sale in Houston, Texas. The home is chock-full of well thought out design, tasteful yet playful decor and traditional-with-a-bit-of-modern furniture pieces that from here on out, may never go out of style. Let’s take a look.

From the property listing:
  • Price: $260,000
  • Year built: 1954
  • Square footage: 3,613
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3 full & 1 halfUltra-swank one-owner mid-century rancho deluxe time capsule just a short drive from the energy corridor. Gracious open layout w/lots of floor to ceiling glass & mid-century modern high style! Spacious living w/FP opens to sun room. Beautiful pine paneled den, sumptuous master suite w/sitting area or office & wall of glass overlooking enclosed courtyard. Loaded w/spectacular mad-men era finishes from the mod hardware & light fixtures to the perfect vintage tile baths. Huge 28k Sq Ft corner lot
A key reason that the decor of this home flows so well, is the mix of light, medium and dark values in each room, which creates a visual balance in the space. Each room also has a balance between natural and manmade materials, plain surfaces and patterned, and a color continuity that is created by using natural wood accented with sunny yellows, creams greens and browns — a scheme that repeat throughout the entire home and creates a unified look.
In each room, the balance between colors is adjusted — in the dining room, we see mostly rich emerald green and golden yellow with some wood accents.
While in the den, where wood paneling on the walls rules, golden yellow and rich orange work together to add a sunny warmth. Green can be found in small doses in the draperies and accents.
In this sitting room, golden yellow is the predominant color — with warm brown still to be found in the wood and upholstered accents. The wall art and houseplants add a dash of green to the space.
vintage bathroom
Some of the rooms, such as the bathrooms, become almost monochromatic — like this pale yellow bathroom — but still small bits of the accent colors make their way into the design. What a lovely, soothing bathroom palette!
vintage bathroom
 The same can be said about this mostly warm brown bathroom — another beauty! — but look — little bits of green and that vibrant orange — almost a cinnamon in this iteration — have snuck into the space.
Well designed time capsule homes like this one provide so many wonderful ideas for decor and prove that good design never goes out of style — making them so much fun to study.
Mega thanks to retro realtor Robert Searcy for letting us feature this fabulous property.
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  1. lexavline says

    There’s a planter in the bathroom. A PLANTER IN THE BATHROOM!!! How have I gotten along all these years without a PLANTER IN THE BATHROOM!!! My jaw dropped. Love it!

  2. Myrall says

    I had 600sf of that same orange shag carpeting in my ranch when I purchased it in 2007. With two kids and two dogs, it was just too unruly. We eventually pulled it and replaced it with cork! But that house is just magical. What a delight.

  3. Shiloh says

    Perfection. I’m not a fan of yellow but I wouldn’t touch a thing in this home. Comfortable, lovely, inviting.

  4. Robin, NV says

    My goodness! Some of those rooms look like they’re straight of Better Homes and Gardens. I love the buttery yellow tile in the kitchen and one of the bathrooms. Love the adding machine on the desk in the den. Nice touch.

  5. Karin Jeffrey says

    Did anyone notice that INCREDIBLE ANGLED SHELF UNDER THE CURVED END OF THE KITCHEN in the first shot??!! I have never EVER seen seen that before. Darn. Now I have to have one made. You guys are killing me.

  6. Laurie Louise says

    Lovely home! Looks like the 80s came a-callin’ but didn’t overstay their welcome…gives a sweet sense of evolution of the house. And that yellow couch in the sunroom…I think I could live on that! The best part may be that the agent is SELLING the mid-cen. No apologies, no “update potential.” Yay!

  7. G S says

    Wow, what a beauty! Obviously so well made and big! Love the bathrooms, kitchen, sunroom, vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. My sister had similar drapes like the ones in the paneled family room.

  8. June Cahill says

    Ever room spectacular – this is just ‘perfection’ to my taste! The darker green dining area (with the pulls on the cabinets), brown wallpaper in the kitchen against the buttery yellow tile – and the DEN with the PANELING! A desk placed in the corner is a personal fav! And the gorgeous yellow pedestal sink (although I can’t see the chrome pedestals, I’m sure it has them!) Oh please, oh please let someone who really appreciates this buy it and keep it in tact! 🙂 What a treat!

  9. PatsyPatC says

    What do you suppose lies behind the accordian panel in the bathroom? Is that the master bedroom closet perhaps?

    This house makes me think of my mom. She decorated our (much smaller) mid-century house in similar colors, patterns and style. The lady had style!

  10. GlenEllyn says

    Drooling… Such a lovely blend of colors. The words ‘pleasant’ and ‘soothing’ come to mind. I can’t pick a favorite room, but ooooh, that kitchen! Love the curved, angled shelf and the gorgeous wood of the cabinets, and it’s yellow – so cheery! Thanks for sharing this lovely home!

  11. Randerson says

    The angled-end peninsula in the kitchen is very mid-50s, several houses in our neighborhood built between 1950 and ’58 had them. Love the wood paneled kitchen, and dig the 1964 Frigidaire 40″ electric range… that oval timer clock gives it away – one year only!

  12. Cynthia says

    I love it! You are so right, the color combinations and flow throughout the house are very pleasing. I’d take it furnished!

  13. Trish says

    $260,000! I would have guessed $750,000! Boy, do I ever live in the wrong part of the country! This house is AMAZING! I grew up in a beautiful MCM custom built brick ranch and my parents still live there -beautiful home. Many of the same featues in this one. I have spent 22 years trying to make my “ugly duckling” as nice! I have scored several MCM furniture pieces from a local time capsule at my favorite 2nd hand store down the road. They are what the house was begging for, it all just “feels right now”. I’m so pleased i could keep most of the pieces together.

  14. Robert Searcy says

    To answer some questions: It’s the original 9×9 tile. The wallpaper in the kitchen and breakfast room is still the original paper put in the house in 1954. The homeowner kept extra pieces to make repairs if chairs damaged the paper or something like that. The accordion door in the master bath hides the closet area. The orange shag is the den is actually an area rug, over cork flooring.

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