My new favorite 4″ spread bathroom sink faucet, maybe

retro-faucetWe’ve previously published research on 12 retro-style 4″ bathroom sink faucets — now, here’s a 13th.

This Kingston Brass 4″ centerset faucet has nice “hex” details that might actually catapult it to my favorite among the bunch. My bad, I have lost the name of the tipster. Tipster, can you identify yourself so that I can proclaim my thanks?

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  1. Robin, NV says

    I really should swap out the faucet in my green bathroom. It’s clearly a recent update. I like the Union faucet among the bunch Pam has highlighted. The triangular knobs are similar to the knobs in my shower.

    Pam – also check out this one:|$25 – $50
    I had the kitchen faucet version for a while (until my recent kitchen remodel). I like the “bullet” shape of the knobs.

  2. SpiderMom says

    Hot tip! I was at Target last night and they are carrying a line of Orla Kiely luggage and yoga supplies! I snapped up the orange stem luggage as a Christmas present to myself and nabbed a few other pieces as well. I thought all the readers here would like to know.

    Sorry, I would have posted on an Orla Kiely article, but I didn’t find one.

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