Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze — discontinued — but fear not, there are proxies

the 1950s style vinyl tile in my kitchen - azrock cortina autumn hazeAlas, after some 40 years on the market (at least), Azrock has discontinued my favorite retro floor — Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze. That’s the floor in my kitchen, above. And based on reading about it here, many readers have put it in their homes, too. I love this floor because of it’s “jaspe” design — the streakies and slubbies. But do not fret too much, those of you looking for a similar design. Tarket,  maker of Azrock, two years ago introduced 15 similar designs in their Azrock TexTile line.

textileThere are two creamy beige colorways that look to be a good substitute for Autumn Haze, and 13 other colors ways.

Props to Shannan for letting us know that really truly you could no longer get Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze. I didn’t believe her — readers have been told so many times by their local dealers that this was not available. Shannan’s dealer was so adamant, though, that I checked with the company yet again. And yup, this time is really seems like it’s discontinued. The story seems to be: Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze was “officially” discontinued two years ago. At that time, I was told by the company, ‘don’t worry though — it’s been such a popular floor historically that we will still make it for replacement tile purposes.’ But, even that seems to have ended. Like I said — go to TexTile.

In addition, check these out:

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  1. midmichigan says

    That’s such a classic MCM color / pattern that was super popular; it’s too bad they’ve discontinued it. Again, you do yeoman’s work digging out the options, Pam.

  2. Robin, NV says

    Oh Pam you must be so sad! A word of advice for anyone who wants discontinued flooring (or anything really), call the company directly and ask if they have any remnants. I was heartbroken to find that Marmoleum’s Pool Party was discontinued but called the company to ask about remnants. As it turns out, they had a piece that was almost exactly what I needed for my kitchen remodel. The folks at Marmoleum were very friendly and helpful and they gave me an amazing deal (no charge for shipping!).

    • pam kueber says

      Anther great option! We need to do a follow up story: Terrazzo-look vinyl tiles

      Armstrong had sheet for a while, now discontinued, ALAS, it was great looking

  3. Judy H. says

    BTW, why in the world would a tile like the Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze be discontinued?! It is an iconic 1950’s tile and so VERY versatile. Judging from the comments I’ve read here, it would seem that it was one of its TOP sellers. Although, this is not the first time I’ve enountered a very popular product that has been discontinued. Makes one wonder who’s minding the sales!

  4. Andi says

    What a timely post for me, nearly at the end of agonizing over flooring for our 1952 turquoise kitchen. For a variety of reasons (chief among them aging dogs), we’ve opted for high-quality sheet vinyl, which will work better for us all around, although I LOVE the VCT tiles and would prefer those, visually.

    What I THINK we are about to get (one final obsessive hours-long hunt online still in my near future), is a commercial quality sheet vinyl by IVC. I’ve had all the samples on site in my kitchen, and really liked it.

    It has a “terrazzo” sort of look, and I was SO happy to see in this post that others may think it has a retro flair, at least a little. Here is the link:

    For our kitchen, the one called “@WORK MODUS 509” works best, but the other color ways were all nice.

    I discovered that Armstrong and Tarkett both have an assortment of to-die-for retro-flavored sheet vinyl patterns—that are only available in Europe! Or Australia! Several times I shrieked, “This is IT!” only to realize I should not even have been on the European version of the company website.

    As always, RetroRenovation is right on time…supporting all of us as we agonize our way to making a decision—-many decisions!

    • pam kueber says

      Wow, I really like that stuff, Andi! Thanks for the link. I also LOVE that this stuff is 13’2″ wide – I be most Retro Renovators could do their kitchens without any seams. Great find!

  5. Kate says

    Pam, your floor looks fantastic! What method and products do you use? My VCT is very dull looking after some years now.

  6. Maegan says

    I used Congoleum’s CX white/light pebble in my kitchen and I’m really happy with it. While the background color is lighter than the Autumn Haze, the color still feels warm and complements my mahogany cabinets. Plus, my floor hides a lot of dirt!

  7. Neil says

    When I stopped and had a good look at the picture of this flooring, I was surprised to be flooded with a feeling of deep despair, from my childhood….a specific feeling/visual I’d mercifully forgotten about all these decades!

    And I immediately recognized this pattern and color as the visual backdrop, like an old TV screen phzzing with snow-static, of a year-long, early-60’s, grade-school-hell experience; one where I spent most of every weekday with my eyes dropped to the floor – which also swam with the swirling trails of the janitor’s buffer – just trying to endure the misery.
    But endure I did.

    Needless to say, I likely wouldn’t be putting this on my floor even if they made it another 50 years.

    • pam kueber says

      Golly, it’s interesting how visual cues from our past can bring back memories. I quite liked school. This floor makes me super happy!

  8. Brittany says

    That tile was in our last home. It was a military post housing triplex built in the 40s, updated sometime in the 60s-70s. It didn’t age well, as it was cracked, dented, scuffed, and had yellowed unevenly after years decades of waxing improperly. Wax didn’t even make it shiny anymore. Our current home is also post housing; a duplex built in the late 50s. Its tile is similar, but with a beige background and grey striations. Weird combo to try and match anything to! The kitchen and bathrooms have faux terrazzo cut-to-fit vinyl.

    The management for post housing here must have bought out every last Autumn Haze tile; they even used it repair the damaged tiles in my house (it doesn’t match). They’ll be lost when their stock runs out, haha!

  9. Laurie says

    Warm wool seems to be the closest match to Autumn Haze. We had planned on Autumn for our kitchen backdate to hopefully start mid Feb. When we went to the flooring store this weekend the sales person hadn’t realized that it had been discontinued until we told her snd showed her last week’s post. I’d choose raw silk if I were looking for cool tones.

    • Lisa says

      Laurie, did you get a sample of Warm Wool? I just got 9 samples of the Textiles colors today but Warm Wool wasn’t one of them. I received Wooly Wooly and Worsted Wool, no Warm Wool. From what I have the Golden Fleece and the Lovely Linen seem to be closer to Autumn Haze. The Golden Fleece being creamy and “warmer” but fewer color variations and less streaky
      while the Lovely Linen a bit cooler and more greyed but streakier. I am agonizing over here.

      Gaaaaahhh, why did they do this to us! I need to get my hands on the Warm Wool. And I need to see Silly String. Does anyone have that? It seems greenier or mintier on the monitor but heaven knows all the colorways I got are sooooo different in real life than they are in person.

      • pam kueber says

        This is the funniest thing I have read in a while.

        I know you didn’t mean it that way – or did you!

        “…. I need to see Silly String….”

        • Lisa says

          Hahaha…One of the colorways of the the Azrock vct is called “Silly String.” Which I think is hilarious. How did they ever get from a nifty name like “Autumn Haze” to “Wooly Wooly” and “Silly String?”

          Someone in the design and marketing department over there has a sense of humor. 🙂

      • Laurie says

        Just saw this comment/question. Yes, our local flooring company ordered 12″ square samples for us and I have Warm Wool, Fur, snd Lovely Linen. We also found out that the Azrock “Select” styles (all three are Select) also come in plank shape now so you can have a little bit of a modern twist with these retro styles. Lovely Linen is definitely beigy compared to Warm Wool which I would consider to be wheat colored.
        The Select styles are about 35-40 cents more per tile than the standard priced tiles.

  10. Lisa says

    Thank you so much, Laurie, for the update. Have you decided which one you are going to go with? What colors and style do you have going on in your kitchen? I’ve got a 40s kitchen and have narrowed it down (hahaha…for the moment) to Lovely Linen or a combination of Armstrong’s “Teal” and “Silver Green” arranged in a diamond shaped checkerboard pattern. Whatever you decide, you MUST post pictures so we can all ogle your hard work. Thanks again.

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