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  1. Carol Hoyt says

    In the next two months I will possibly be purchasing a house built around 1905. It has all the upgrades necessary such as all new wiring, new roof, and carpet in the living room and dining room. In the dining room there is a large beautiful corner china cabinet that the previous owners are leaving because they don’t want the wall damaged. I will be the fourth owner of this 1,880 sq. ft. house. I think the house used to be a “shot gun” house with bed rooms added on but going thru one bedroom to get to the next. Even tho I am in a wheelchair I want the house to be decorated with the style of possibly the 1930’s. I’ve been researching for ideas online and have decided to put black and white tile in the front entry but that’s all. I need ideas and suggestions for decorating on a disability income.

  2. Gay says

    Hello! I was very happy to find your site!
    I recently acquired a vintage travel trailer, a 1966 De Camp, 12 feet of beautiful original birch interior, a turquoise sink and stove, and original gold speck counter tops.
    The original floor is under some old, yucky carpet. I peeled it up, and it looks like it could be a checkerboard of grey and beige.
    I’d like to renew the look of the floors by ripping out the nasty old carpet, and putting new flooring over the top: a checkerboard pattern of warm beige and turquiose, with the fun spots of color that tile ususally has.
    What are the chances of finding tile in these colors? Or, hope against hope, in a pattern of linoleum that would look like that which we had in our home during that time of the 60’s: sort of like stone/tile with the actual texture of that?
    I’d love to hear your ideas. We in the Little Vintage Camper world are always looking for materials to authentically refurbish our little homes away from home.
    Thanks again…

  3. Gary says

    Need 1950-60 kitchen cabinets for contemporary 1962 home. If anyone knows where I can find some, please let me know asap. Thank you

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