Kent Coffey Perspecta style kitchen and bathroom cabinets in this stunning 1972 Washington time capsule house

broyhill brasilia kitchenTour-a-Time-CapsuleWe love it when we spot a time capsule house with interior design features we’ve never seen before, and here’s a beauty: A 1972 time capsule home in Burien, Washington, with gorgeous Broyhill Brasilia Kent Coffey Perspecta style kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Fascinating cabinetry! This lovely home — original owners, first time on the market — also features stunning views of the Puget Sound, well-kept landscaping, and a showpiece stacked stone fireplace with a secret door. Thanks to reader Nicole for this hot tip! And update thanks to reader Eric for calling our attention to the design differences between Broyhill Brasilia and Kent Coffey Perspecta furniture; the differences are relatively small but still visible.

1970s time capsule home From the realty listing:

  • Price: $860,000
  • Year built: 1972
  • Square footage: 1,970
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2.5

Absolutely stunning bluff-view home in sought-after Shorewood on the Sound. Never before on the market is this 1972 custom-built paradise. Gaze through wall-to-wall windows at eagles, islands, ships, sails & sunsets from nearly every room. Interior features a midcentury vibe with rich Asian influenced architectural detailing & custom built-ins. Covered parking for three cars, automatic generator, shop area, wine cellar, new TPO roof & more all on one of the finest dead-end streets in Shorewood.

1970s time capsule homeThe custom Brasilia-Perspecta-style cabinets continue into the living and dining area, where wall-to-wall windows take full advantage of the amazing water view.

retro bathroom 1970sThere are even more Perspecta-style custom cabinets in the home’s sizable master bathroom and more foil vintage wallpaper.

mirrored wall tile bathroom retroLook at this fabulous bathroom — it has it all — vintage mirrored wall tiles with gold marble veining, stained glass window, built-in rock filled planter area and a completely tiled tub. A 1970s bathroom sanctuary, for sure.

1970s time capsule homeAnother notable feature is the home’s main entryway, which has custom stained glass on either side of the double entry door, lovely vintage wallpaper (metallic foil, it appears), and a brick-like natural tile floor. Look closely at that stacked stone fireplace — we bet that the little rounded double doors open to a storage nook for firewood…

1970s time capsule home… Either that, or the little round door is a gateway to a(nother) magical realm.

Mega thanks to Nicole for this tip and to listing agent Scott Monroe and photographer Dan Farmer for letting us feature this unique property.

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  1. Gretchen in Greenwood says

    I’ve been enjoing this site for a long time, and this is the most stunning property you’ve ever shown, I believe. There is nothingi would change, all is perfect.

  2. Robin, NV says

    I’m not classy enough for this house. 🙁

    Amazing price considering the location. Those kitchen cabinets are incredible! Custom job perhaps?

    • pam kueber says

      It certainly looks like the cabinets are custom. Must have been “some therapy” to make them!

    • Kim Taylor says

      Keep in mind that Burien is in the flight path of SeaTac Airport, so you’ll hear airplane noise a lot.

      • Rita says

        I grew up in Burien and never heard airplanes. This house is right on the water, so I’m sure that’s not an issue.

  3. Ruth Bowman says

    I’m thinking the price is so low to start a bidding war. There’s no way it’s going to sell that low. I’m guessing well over $2m when all is said and done.

    I love the cabinetry and adding some retro-new appliances in the kitchen would really make it pop. I am insane for the banquette!

    That sunken bath is a lost cause. I h**** [edited]. the gold veined mirrors when they were au current in the seventies. That bathtub is cool, and by that I mean with not way to retain the heat of the water (and with limited hot water tank capacity) there’s no way you could wallow in that tub for long without catching cold. It would be easy enough to put in a proper tiled whirlpool though, with modern warming!

    As for the eighties furniture. Pass. Too soon.

    If I lived in Washington, I’d be ALL up in this listing, it is gorgeous!

    • pam kueber says

      I think that the 80s done well is design done well. This house is design done well!

      I love the built-in ovens… and the gold veined mirrors!

    • pam kueber says

      Yay, and be sure to say hi to realtor Dan for us if there is an open house and you go. He was great to work with!

  4. Trish says

    This was especially fun to look at as it reminded me so much of the house I grew up in. The bathroom with the built in vanity and all the mirrors was a trip down memory lane. Thank you for posting. I truly love all that is done here at Retro Renovation.

  5. Jeanne says

    I love the way that dinette table is attached under the bench. That would sure make for easy mopping!

  6. Molly Evans says

    I love those stairs! They’re kind of annoying to navigate if you’re moving in our out with boxes and furnishings but it’s the prettiest spiral staircase I’ve ever seen. What a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nancy says

    Gorgeous house. Only thing I’d have had the designer do differently was the tiled bath–I don’t mind tile on a bath surround, but cleaning sunken baths is hard enough without having to deal with grout as well.

    Ah, who am I kidding? It’d be worth the hassle of the bath, just to have that kitchen to cook in.

    • pam kueber says

      I lived in an apartment once that had a tiled sunken tub even deeper than that one. The shower pointed into it as well. It was the Most. Awesome. Tub. Ever. So…. sexy. Well worth all hassles.

      • Lee says

        The sunken tile tub in the center of the room is the highlight of the house thusfar though the 330 degree outward visibility is next.

        Kudos to whoever specified that garage pit – obviously a real mechanic lived here. You park your car along side the deep ridge and it allows people to stand up in there reaching up at the underside of your car to fix it. Makes easy work when you don’t need to raise cars and/or climb under them to reach their innards.

  8. lisa in Seattle says

    Wow. I also wonder about whether there is an open house, and the price point. Maybe because it is only a 2 BR in what I’d generally consider a “family” neighborhood? Love the kitchen cabinets. Not so big on the tube fluorescent light fixtures. Wonder if those will ever be viewed with nostalgia?

  9. Cynthia says

    A magnificent home with spectacular views. I hope the new owners either love and keep the custom cabinets, built-ins and any other case goods that stay with the house, OR they remove them carefully and sell them to someone who will make good use of them (do not paint them, please!).

  10. Joan says

    WOW, WOW, WOW!

    Love everything about the house. Personally don’t care for the living room furniture, but that’s just me – no pink/peach in my world.

    Fabulous house and landscaping!

  11. Mary says

    This house is stunning – those cabinets are gorgeous!

    Sadly, when I look at houses like this my heart stops because I realize whomever buys it will likely rip everything out. I hopehophope that’s not the case though!

    We bought our St. Charles Wood-faced cabinetry from a mid-century mansion on Long Island that was being gut renovated. The owners wanted everything tossed, but the contractor asked if he could sell it. It was all in immaculate condition the new owners just didn’t like it.

    The home was originally owned by a surgeon and it was built in 1962 – all custom. The light fixtures, the tile, the bathrooms, the kitchen was amazing – and all being tossed. Herringbone marble floors, amazing room divider screens (We got a couple free!) – all of it was dumpster-bound!!!

    We got the entire (massive) kitchen worth of cabinets and appliances for $800. I was heartsick that the new owners – [edited] – were just so dismissive of it all they wanted it tossed in favor of new.

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