Mad Men wallpaper by Graham & Brown

mad men wallpaperWith Mad Men ending this Sunday, the clever PR team for Graham & Brown sent us a quick note to point out — hey, that trippy wallpaper office wallpaper you’ve seen every season is theirs. It’s called, well, “Trippy”, and you can get it for $50 a roll.  

mad men wallpaper

From Graham & Brown’s note:

Mad Men, the iconic TV show that has taken us by storm for the past seven seasons is coming to an end this Sunday…

International wallpaper and design company Graham & Brown has held a special relationship with Mad Men as Trippy, one of our favorite wallpapers has been featured throughout. Things have changed in the last seven years but Trippy has remained a staple, this modern superfresco design, taking us back to the halcyon days of the 60’s and 70’s. Below is a preview of the finale that has a glimpse of our popular Trippy, in orange.

mad men wallpapermad men wallpaper15195-roomset-0

As also seen on... who knows this show?

As also seen on Two Broke Girls


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  1. Barb S. says

    That last photo is 2 Broke Girls. They work in a diner in Williamsburg/Brooklyn. They have lots of vintage goodies on that show!!!

  2. G S says

    I’ve been wondering about this wallpaper for awhile now. Wondered if it was a stencil even. I even posted it to Pinterest. Was hoping to use it in our home office, but since it’s painted a blue-grey.

  3. Sandra says

    There is more wallpaper on TV than in real life because the productions have a real problem conveying depth; when they simply use a solid color paint, the picture of the set looks 2-D.

    You’ll see wallpaper used everywhere on TV (and movies) mainly for that reason, but they, of course, also use it to convey character, create mood, establish time and place, etc.

  4. Joe Felice says

    You can find this and similar wallpaper online. Check out I don’t like the show, but I sometimes tune in to “Mad Men” just to see the ’60s style again. Takes me back to our GE Gold Medallion show home that mom & dad bought in Aurora, CO, in 1964. Sculptured nylon carpet in burnt orange and avocado, and electric baseboard heat were the rage. And mom & dad had the appliances re-painted coppertone.

    • pam kueber says

      Be aware, though, there are serious quality differences in the way different wallpapers are printed. The Graham & Brown paper, for example, seems to have embossing. Not sure of how the ink is applied. I always tend to believe that screen printing or rotogravure printing is going to render much better / look much better than digital printing. Shop and compare.

  5. maria says

    I think that I have seen this same pattern in a curtain. Does anyone know about this? I would LOVE to have these for my living room!

  6. Joyce Wallach says

    I think that wallpaper is also used on the set of the TV series The Americans that takes place in the 80s Cold War era.

    • G S says

      It is similar but not the exact same pattern. Love that show, but it seems no one watches it. I think it has been renewed, though.

  7. Nate says

    It was also on the walls in the room The Doctor (Who) rented in the 2010 episode “The Lodger”. That’s when I fell in love with the pattern.

  8. Brooke says

    While I like this paper I’ve seen it in so many places I find I’m a bit tired of it. You can find it also on along with some other nice retro options under the “I love the 70s” category (despite the name lots of these would work for 50/60’s inspired houses etc)

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