Drexel Declaration grandfather clock — 1964 beauty

drexel-declaration-clockDrexel Declaration furniture is one of our favorite midcentury designs, because of the lovely way it bridges modern and traditional styles. This Drexel Declaration grandfather clock, though: Decidedly modern — heading toward flower power even! All photos: UrbanAmerica on ebay.

drexel-declaration-clock-faceI hadn’t even focused on the fact that there was a Drexel Declaration grandfather clock — although now that I go looking I see it in our catalog (link below).

lanshire-clock-movementThe clock is 60″ tall, 14″ wide, and 9″ deep. The clock movement is Lanshire.

drexel-declarationdrexel-declaration-1964Looks like this was cutting edge in spring 1964. We love it!

Thank to ebay seller urbanamerica for giving us permission to show these photos. They have the clock for sale, pickup only in Long Beach, Calif, here.

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  1. Lynne says

    My bedroom set is Drexel Declaration, and I can see very little family resemblance. If it wasn’t marked Declaration, I would never have guessed.

  2. Jay says

    What I find interesting is that Drexel stamps the back of the furniture with the date and name of the line. I bought a Drexel chest this summer and after it was delivered saw the back of it stamped with Parallel by Drexel which sent me on a on-line frenzy for more info and RR was mentioned (10 lines of furniture…). If the clock wasn’t stamped with the mfr. I would have placed it in the Woddity column.
    Interesting how the clock decoration is the wood grain.

  3. Steve H says

    I’ll bet it keeps perfect time too. It’s absolutely maddening how many new clocks are not even capable of doing that.

    • Brian says

      I recently had to disassemble and rebuild the same Lanshire motor in my Bulova Jewelry Store clock. It works like a trooper most of the time, despite the fact that all the gears (tons and tons of them!!!) are plastic. It whirrs and purrs and keeps perfect time!

    • Ed says

      One of the promotional photos in the recent Beauti-Vue clock article noted that it was accurate to within thirty seconds in a twenty-four hour period, though it was also customer adjustable to allow improvements on the factory’s accuracy. That was likely a cheaper action, though.

  4. Mary Elizabeth says

    I love this grandfather clock, and my Grandpa Lang, the cabinet maker, would have loved it also. Look at how the wood grain is matched on the two halves of the clock! What a beauty. Hope someone in California goes for it.

  5. says

    I’m surprised this particular piece was not more inspirational. Most original designs tend to leave quite a few derivatives in their wake. A big walnut plywood pillar that happens to tell time is certainly an appealing piece to walnut-a-holics, and it fits great into a lot of decor given the general lack of useful tall skinny things..

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