Vintage style medicine cabinets with rounded metal frame edges — we find a source

vintage green and pink bathroomJane was attentive to every details in her new vintage style bathroom — including installing a medicine cabinet with rounded framed edges trimmed in metal. It looks like it’s always been there — sans rust — and it’s affordable, too. 

vintage medicine cabinetThe source: Ketcham Medicine Cabinets and Accessories. According to Ketcham’s website, these rounded corner mirrored medicine cabinets are available in 16″ x 22″ or 16″ x 28″ sizes with left or right handed swings.

vintage medicine cabinetJane purchased her Ketcham mirrored cabinet at, which currently has the 16″x 22″ size in left hand swing for $89.76 or right hand swing for $114.60, though they can also be purchased by calling Ketcham directly.

vintage medicine cabinet

Ketcham also has a variety of other styles of affordable medicine cabinets which you can see in their online catalog.

Thanks, Jane, for the awesome research!

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      • Moira says

        We just moved into a place with vintage pink appliances! And blue/purple 2″ tiles around the tub. Can I paint the tiles?
        Ps I’m also a Kueber

        • pam kueber says

          Well hello Kueber — we are ALL related! Are you a North Dakota Kueber or a Canada Kueber?

          If you just moved in, I recommend: Do not change anything major until you research it and understand it. Maybe your blue/purple 2″ tiles are wonderful and you just don’t know it yet!

  1. Kathy in San Leandro says


    I also have some of the green porcelain Rejuvenation accessories in my stash. To my amateur eye, they look yellower than the B&W kiwi tile. Do you find that they work well together?

    I actually prefer the spring green of the Rejuvenation pieces, as that shade is closer to the 1930s shade that will suit my 1931 house. But I find that the bluer and grayer greens are more readily available in field tile. The “wash” effect of the kiwi glaze is exactly the effect I’m looking for.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely bathroom.

  2. Katie says

    Looks almost identical to the original one in my bathroom. The only difference is that mine has glass shelves instead of acrylic. Good to know there are replacements just in case.

  3. ineffablespace says

    I wish someone would make a version of the integrated shaded light valence version with higher end lighting and non-polycarbonate shades. But there’s probably not much of a market for it.

  4. Carol says

    This is one of my favorite “new” baths featured here. I just found a listing on Ebay for an entire pink bathroom in Philly. It’s just too far for me to drive. It’s spectacular and with all the accessories. $500 buy now and no one has bid. I’m dying!!!! Somebody here will save this bathroom, I just know it! Item # is 171956984082, “vintage retro pink bathroom”. Sorry it won’t let me copy and paste and I’m too excited to make a file. I hope Pam forgives me if I broke a rule, but it’s an “ENTIRE PINK BATHROOM”.

  5. Janicew says

    My 1939 bathroom has its original medicine cabinet, just like this one but with glass shelves like Katie’s, and with etching at the top. I love it.

  6. Mary Elizabeth says

    I love revisiting Jane’s bathroom and the story behind it. She and her mother Jennifer are very strong women, and Eric sounds like a peach of a DH. I only vaguely regret, however, that the medicine cabinet she found came too late for the completion of my own pink bathroom renovation My DH had already made a recessed cabinet of wood, which matches the vanity he made for the pink sink. It’s also the right size for the existing hole where the old rusty cabinet with weak light and suspicious wiring sat. There is an open cubby beneath it that is lined with the leftover laminate pieces from the vanity top. From 1950s ranch house photos, I think a wood cabinet is also period appropriate. Anyway, I love it.

  7. Kathy says

    Very nice and straightforward design that can be used in a lot of bathrooms.

    Signature Hardware has some rather nice mid-mod type medicine cabinets, some with shelves and integrated lighting and stainless steel construction. Prices vary widely depending on size and features. It also stocks narrow corner medicine cabinets and a wide range of hard-to-find corner, wall mount and extra small bathroom sinks at pretty reasonable prices.

    For something a littler more funky in sort of a rounded trapezoidal shape, but unfortunately with plastic shelves, I picked up this at Home Depot for only $50

    Home Depot also stocks some decent budget MCM light fixtures.

    Jelly jar lights have been used for a long time. This one is wall-mounted and is outdoor rated, so good for damp locations inside and outside:

    wall-mounted jelly jar style $9 nickle/$4 black

    A search for closet and vanity lighting at Home Depot offers basic mid-century styles, which of course can be used elsewhere from $13-$20 (not outdoor rated): and $13 A really useful wall-mount light with completely enclosed turtle shade and pull cord and integrated outlet. I have them in my bathroom with a GFCI breaker in the box. $15 basic ceiling light fixture suitable for kitchen, bath, hallway $20 slightly larger in white, no chrome

    These utilitarian type fixtures are sometimes not on display, so it takes some looking, and you can find similar fixtures at other stores as well.

  8. Paul in CT says

    Now I feel absolutely awful that when I renovated my two half baths, I replaced the vintage 1961 medicine cabinets with new wood composite units.

    They looked just like this except with the glass shelves and the slot in the center to dispose of old razor blades.

    I should have sold them. They were in mint condition.

    Oh well……….

  9. Kat says

    This looks just like the medicine cabinet in my bathroom! I was hoping that the inside would have glass shelves…at some point in my home’s history, one of the shelves broke and was replaced with an extremely thick piece of glass. I’d love to know where I could purchase a replacement.

  10. Steve and Tara says

    THANK YOU!!! We have been searching the world for a vintage round-cornered medicine cabinet (or even just a mirror) that’s under 18 inches wide and isn’t all rusty and scratched up, and nobody seems to make them anymore (except for a couple of expensive and “modernized” designs that only kind-of look vintage). We were just about to give up and order one that would work OK but that we didn’t really like much, when we stumbled upon this article – and the vintage medicine cabinet we’ve been looking high and low for! Just bought it from Zoro. This is the final piece of our historically-accurate remodel, and we couldn’t have done it without you – thanks Jane and retro renovation!!!

  11. Brenda says

    Hi there! Your bathroom is beautiful! I love your medicine cabinet with the rounded corners. I went to Ketcham’s website. All the rounded corner cabinets specify surface mount. But in your picture it looks like you have the cabinet recessed. Could you please tell me if it is indeed recessed. Thank you so much!

  12. Lisa R says

    I called ketcham yesterday. There is now a recessed unit in the 16×22 size only. Model 105RSTW-REC. You need to specify right or left swing when opening. I was told ketcham does not sell direct to customers. Go online to find a retailer.

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