Randy installs his Day-n-Night address marker — and he’s thrilled with the result

“A truly retro product with the retro buying experience.”

retro address markerIt’s been nearly a year since we first discovered that you can still buy Day-n-Night address markers — made by same company in the same factory since 1949. We’ve heard from several readers who have ordered these, and today reader Randy shares his total experience with the company — from order to assembly to all installed. Spoiler alert: He’s thrilled with the results! 
retro address marker

Pam and Kate,

Thank you for the article on the Spear Company’s address plaques. I remember seeing these markers on the nicer homes around town when I was growing up in the seventies. I decided I had to have one.

retro address marker

I called the number you provided for Spear Company in the article and left a voice mail. With in a day or two I received a call back, and my order was placed over the phone. They said it would be a few weeks before my order would be started and that I could call with any changes in the following week or two. It took approximately 6 weeks for the two signs that I ordered to be manufactured and shipped. The signs were shipped unassembled via U.S. Mail, signature required. Some assembly was required. The only tools that were needed were a common screw driver and small crescent wrench.

retro address marker

I did spend a little extra time adjusting the formed aluminum frames to achieve the perfect fit. The trick was to assemble everything loosely and then tighten up the bolts and nuts. The final product looks great. I just wish I had a nice mid-century modern house to hang it on.

The whole order/purchase experience was kind of fun. It was a throw back to the old way of doing business (by today’s standards). There is no website, no shopping cart to fill up, no buy-it-now pricing, no order confirmation, no shipping confirmation, no tracking numbers, and there is no email. This way of doing business may unnerve some people today. But I would say order with confidence. You are buying from a company with integrity. How else would they have lasted for decades. Just think you are purchasing a truly retro product with the retro buying experience.


This is the style EOB from the company’s current literature.  The signs dimensions are 19.5″ top to bottom and 19″ wide.  They are priced at $44.95 plus $11.95 S&H.

Thanks again for your write-up on these signs,


Mega thanks, Randy, for sharing your experience and photos with all of us — we’re sure this will be useful to other readers contemplating a purchase. And hey, while your house is not mid mod, it sure looks pretty nice!

We love this product. In business since 1949 — 66 years — now that’s something to celebrate!


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  1. Jeanne says

    I ordered one to mount on top of a mailbox for our new house in the U.P. We haven’t installed it yet, but it’s quality stuff and we love it. Thanks for the tip about this company!

  2. Janet in ME says

    Very nice look! I am going to order one for my 1957 ranch. Randy, your porch with the planters is lovely and the sign complements the look!

  3. midmichigan says

    Nice job! Those products are so classic and cool you could mount them anywhere for the MCM look. Basement wall hanger, refrigerator, car hood ornament, cupola topper, modified weathervane, plant hanger, head board accoutrement. The possibilities are endless!

  4. Diana says

    Looks wonderful on your house. My husband’s grandparents had one on their home which now hangs in our garage. I am totally intrigued with your planters! Are they tall pots turned upside down with smaller ones on top? They look really nice!

      • Randy says

        The planters are really stands for smaller pots that set in the top of them. The planters/stands are specifically the bell ends of 12″ PVC SDR-35 storm sewer pipe painted to match the stucco. I was able to source them off of a project that I was working on. Thanks for the comments.

  5. Midge says

    Love this post! We purchased the mailbox topper, and like Randy, had an “Old-timey” purchasing experience. We did it the “modern way” via FAX, and just as we were wondering if we should call, because maybe they didn’t get it, THERE IT WAS!! Ours had a Vintage” 4th class ” mailing label ( my other half, Kory, works at the Post Office, and can verify this) …4 th class has’t been around for YEARS! We are planning to get Randy’s sign for our “Breezeway” patio, and other markers for our yard. The reflection quality, by the way, is excellent!

  6. Kathy says

    Many communities zoning regulations limit home occupation business signs to just 2 square feet and this could be an ideal solution with retro style!

    Thanks for showing what a brand new one looks like on your home. I like that they are quite understated and blend in with the architecture, and being reflective is probably helpful for visitors at night.

  7. Jason says

    I remember your first article on these and I’m thinking I have to order one or a few! I remember my grandfather’s mailbox marker which was also on the top, his had individual letters and numbers that stood up by themselves – they were placed in a metal track I guess you’d call it in the order you needed and then it was crimped on the end to hold them in.

  8. Nina says

    I am so happy this is still going strong since I mentioned it to Pam last year. I ordered my sign as well, back in April. I had the exact same experience as Randy. It was a JOY to order from this company! I sent my order in by mail, and they called to confirm my order. About 6 weeks later I got my sign, 2 weeks later my brother put it on my mailbox for me. I smile every time I see my mailbox. I truly, truly love this sign! And what a deal price wise – easily affordable.

  9. Elizabeth says

    We are fairly young, but live in a new neighborhood with many original owners (the previous owner of our home was 99 years of age, house built through 1958-1959). On a family walk one night, I pointed these signs out to husband at other homes, thinking he totally would not go for it for our own home. He was on board! As soon as I can find a spot to put this, I am going to order ours. These are awesome. Thanks to all for sharing your experiences!

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