Sputnik ceiling lights — new from Practical Props

Do you love sputnik lights but don’t have the room for the classic, a big pendant chandelier? Good news: Practical Props has just introduced a Sputnik ceiling light — they call it the “Starlight” — and it drops just 4″ from the ceiling. I could definitely see this wee sputnik fitting nicely in hallways, mudrooms, small bathrooms — even small bedrooms. And, the price is terrific — just $79, including the bulbs.

And howdy hudee: Come back tomorrow, because Practical Props will be hosting a giveaway!

small sputnik lightsputnik ceiling lightThere are two finishes, chrome and satin brass. More details from Practical Props’ website:

The CF-11 Sputnik is designed to be used as a wall sconce or a ceiling fixture.
Perfect for hallways, bathrooms or any small area.
This light comes with your choice of 10, 15 or 20 watt clear or white round bulbs.
Add $10 for 7 watt Starlight bulbs.

Like Practical Props’ other lighting, these lights are made by them in their California studios.

sputnik lights

Don’t forget, we also are googly-eyed over Practical Props’ growing selection of Sputnik lights — surely the largest variety in the galaxy!

Where to buy the new CF-11 Sputnik lights:

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  1. Tom says

    Love this store! I stop in here to look at their cool vintage lighting, they’re sales people are very nice too! Small independent shop packed with amazing lights!

  2. Brooke says

    I was thinking of using the 20″ or 24″ sconce as a ceiling light but I wonder if it’s not recommended if they’ve come out with this new light as a specific cieling light. I don’t think this one would be big enough/give off enough light for my whole kitchen. I guess I could contact them and ask if those could be used as ceiling lights.



    • says

      Brooke, I purchased 3 of the 20 inch “sconce” sputniks and used them as ceiling fixtures in my kitchen. They look great and give off plenty of light!

      • Brooke says

        Thanks Sherree! I bet the 3 look spectacular 🙂 I only have 1 ceiling light location in the kitchen though, do you think 1 would be bright enough? Could I bother you for a picture? I can leave an email address for you if you don’t have any way to link a photo

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    Lovely! And I was thinking how good the light would be in one of those modest ranches (like mine) with ceilings that are just under 8 feet high. My 6 foot plus brother bumps into any pendant light or fan that is not positioned over a bed or table.

    • linda h says

      Aha! My husband has broken both globes in the hallway. Maybe these would fit closer to the ceiling and not get broken.

  4. Jay says

    Very nice, one of these days I will order a regular one for the dining room. Always interested in their products and I believe in supporting small businesses.

  5. Carolyn says

    I only did a one-query search on your site and then the ‘net and found only one article of history/background on Sputnik lights. Can you give a little story or link about how they came about, when-ish ( I know 1957 was when Sputnik was launched but when were the light fixtures launched?), any ads…?

  6. Judy H. says

    These sputnik flush mounts are the best! I’ve got 2 rooms where I’d love to put one. Now that I’ve seen them, I’ll probably HAVE to, they will be stuck in my mind forever!

  7. Cynthia says

    Fly Me to the Moon and Let Me Play Among the Sputnik Ceiling Lights! Yes, please, I’d like to win one of those beauties!

  8. Ed says

    Hmm, I was just considering replacing the lighting in my basement minibar, or at least the light over the cooktop. Bit of a step up from what I had been considering, but I may have to do some measuring.

  9. says

    Though it is a very nice light fixture I have no place for that fixture in my house at this time , so If I won it I would donate to the local animal shelter so puppies (not the cats) would enjoy it.

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