A hip roof ranch putz house inspired by Kate’s house — DIY putz house pattern #10

mini ranch housekitschmas-krazyCan you believe that this is the fourth year I have been making these mini midcentury DIY Christmas village house patterns? For the first of three 2015 designs, I decided to make a hip-roof ranch house — reminiscent of my own 1962 retro ranch. This model comes complete with a side porch, large chimney and a planter box. Let the Kitschmas Krafty Krazy 2015 season officially begin! 

mini ranch houseThis little long, low ranch has a lot of retro features that were inspired by my own 1962 ranch house — I even coordinated the paint job to match my own home. 

mini ranch houseJust like our house, there is a side porch. For this miniature, I made the posts from two pieces of paper straw that act as support posts. You could also use candy canes!

mini ranch houseI drew lines on the chimney to give the appearance of Roman Brick, just like we have on our ranch.

mini ranch houseI even found some mini rounded shrubs like the dwarf globe arborvitae shrubs in our yard.

mini ranch houseThere’s a large picture window and a little built in planter similar to ours. I mad sure to fill it with snow. 

mini ranch houseThe most defining feature is the hip roof, which is a style common to midcentury homes — and one type of roof line I hadn’t tried to recreate yet. Now I can check it off the list!

mini ranch house

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    • linda h says

      OK, having trouble printing this out the right size. It comes out much smaller than my other houses. Maybe my husband can help me figure it out tomorrow if you don’t have an idea what I am doing wrong. Actually it comes out to the same scale as my A-frame house which was out of scale with the others too. Or are these supposed to be closer to 4 inches wide rather than closer to 7 inches wide that some of my houses are. I haven’t made them all. Help set me straight if I’ve made them too big.

      • Kate says

        Hi Linda,

        Over the last three years I have tried to make all of the houses similar in scale, however I am sure that they are not all perfect. I have to work with the constraints of making all of them fit on an 8.5×11 sheet of printer paper so that it is easy to print them out with standard printers and paper that most people have easy access to.

        When you go to print the patterns on your printer and the dialog box comes up are you printing the patterns at “actual size” instead of “fit to print” or “scaled” down? This could be part of the issue.

        When I made the house patterns I didn’t have an intended size in my head — in theory one could scale the pattern up or down as large or small as they wanted. The finished Hip roof ranch house that I made is 7 inches wide with a 10 inch wide roof (when the overhang is included). The A Frame was 4.1 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall. I think when you have a whole village of these all together, the scale looks close enough for a pleasing display. I tried to keep all of the houses the same thickness (about 2 inches) and give them the same size front doors so that they would look as uniform as possible. You may just be seeing the extreme difference between an A-Frame house and a long, low ranch house. There would be quite a difference between those two house styles if they were neighbors in real life too!

        Hope that helps! Happy building!

        • pam kueber says

          Yes, I think that if a reader wants to get exact on scale a key would be to making the “ceiling” heights the same pattern to pattern. That is: As Kate has already done, the front door heights the same — but the basic wall height also the same. I think that the wall height/ceiling height is what differs now pattern to pattern. Printing out a few, I see what Kate is talking about, having to make her patterns fit the paper.

          • linda h says

            Thanks! I have decided I can resize it by copying the one I have already printed and resizing it on the copier instead of trying to resize before printing. Or I might try your suggestions. I appreciate that you are quick to answer questions. It doesn’t really bother me that the door on my A-frame is smaller than the ones on my other houses.

  1. Robin, NV says

    This is awesome! Will Kate ever run out of ideas?

    One more teeny detail would make this house perfect – the silhouette of a Christmas tree in the picture window. 🙂

  2. Mary Elizabeth says

    You are always full of fresh ideas, Kate. I like this one the best of all your designs, because it is a model of your own house.

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