Colorful vintage bathroom sinks from King of Thrones

vintage sinksAnother source for vintage bathroom sinks in a variety of vintage colors — King of Thrones (ebay affiliate link), based in Michigan. Their prices are not Re-Store prices, but they have done the legwork for you — scooping up sinks from all over their region to make an easy-to-shop stockpile. Right now there are 51 sinks available.vintage sinkKing of Thrones has a wide variety of colorful bathroom sinks available as well as interesting shapes and configurations — like this pink sink above.

vintage sinkWe wanted to know — where did all of this retro bathroom goodness come from? So I reached out to Diane for an answer.

Diane writes:

Our products come from EVERYWHERE – literally. We did make a large purchase on the retro oval and round sinks from a Saginaw Restore, but we scout at any recycling, reclaiming, home improvement, old stores, plumber friends, Craigslist, eBay, and sometimes people who know what we do actually have dropped off loads of ceramic products from projects in our driveway (that was pretty funny, actually).

Just yesterday, I finished preliminary work on our website that at this point features our sinks (at least half of them). It took a year, but we can now handle our matching service, location and shipping with speed and quality. If you ever saw that UPS type commercial when the business went from 1 order to 1000 orders, we have been blessed to have a fair amount of success matching tiles and providing replacement ceramic products enough to keep all of us pretty busy – while trying to get inventory and organization under control. About half of our inventory is actually available for sale – and we are now just venturing outside of ebay.

We also have a Facebook site – The King of Thrones, which shows our current warehouse setup and some fun stuff.

vintage sinkTheir website is not quite up and running, so for the time being you can shop directly through their Ebay store and see updates via their Facebook page.

vintage sink vintage sink vintage sinkKing of Thrones has a variety of difficult to find greens — including Jadeite, lime green (above) and avocado (below).

vintage sinkKing of Thrones currently has 960 listings of replacement tile, too(affiliate link).

Mega thanks to Diane from King of Thrones for granting us permission to feature some of her photos. Shiny! Colorful!

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    • says

      Thank you from us at TKOT!! Sometimes, its a labor of love…and sometimes JUST PLAIN LABOR, lol. We love that you love it – and more is to come 🙂

  1. Elizabeth says

    well krap! We just finished a bathroom remodel and went with white porcelain drop in sinks, but I would have been all over the green porcelain drop in sinks that they have if I’d known they existed.

  2. Debbie in Portland says

    Those colors make me do a mental time-travel:

    Teenage Me, circa 1973: “Ooooh, that lime green is far-out! I want THAT in the bathroom!”
    My mother: “Absolutely not, it’s too bright, you would be sick of it in six months. We’re getting the avocado, you will never get tired of THAT shade.” 🙂

    • Elizabeth says

      My sister and I painted our bedroom lime green around 1978. Years later when my brother was renovating the house to sell, after it had renters in it for a while, he commented that they had painted the bedroom a really horrible nauseating green 🙂 As an adult, I painted my bedroom the same green! It makes me feel so happy when I wake up to it.

    • pam kueber says

      Start digging into their site! Another place to look:, and salvage places around the nation….

    • says

      Thanks, Pam!
      Our toilets online are minimal –
      But we have a lot of them in inventory 🙂 Still working on prepping our inventory for sale. We will research any ceramic product if you give us a color sample, and will tell you what we have that matches or comes close!

    • says

      I think you are looking at the rectangular pink sink?
      Distance Between Faucet Holes Height Depth Width
      4 1/8 11″ 13″ 22 1/2″
      Color: Soft Pink
      Additional Color Detail/Numbers:
      Pantone color match 14-1313TC
      Pattern: Solid
      Identification Numbers 1981

  3. Casey says

    What a small world! I just discovered their ebay store the other night and spent almost 2 hours drooling over the listings!

  4. Michelle says

    Unfortunetly many building codes now make it illegal to resell toilets. In Florida (at least in my county ) when replace or install new you have to install water saving toilets. The old toilets that get taken out are sent to the landfill. Years ago I remember you could buy them at Goodwill but no more…so sad…

    • says

      We do! We are very fond of colored kitchen sinks, but have both in inventory. Will try to get the guys to post on facebook site! I am still agonizing over a pomegranate red hexagonal LARGE sink that we sold about a year ago…a rare beauty that was still in the crate when we found it. AHHHHH I think I saw a cobalt, avacado green and brown one out there in my wanderings of the Ceramic Cache ;).

  5. Jennifer says

    The affiliate links do not appear to be working. Just tried both of them, and got an ‘invalid seller name’ at Ebay.

  6. Mac says

    Seven years ago we replaced our bathroom vanity with its Regency Blue drop-in sink bowl. The bowl was still in great condition and still had the Made in USA union label on the underside. I didn’t have the heart to throw it out, so it’s been sitting in my basement for seven years. Partly due to this blog, we will be bringing it upstairs and re-installing it in a new cabinet in its old place.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • pam kueber says

      w, we don’t sell anything here. You need to refer to the resources profiled in the stories. For all our stories about bathroom sinks, see Bathroom Help – Sinks subcategory.

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