Kate uses our new “Retro Renovation® Delightful Jade” boomerang laminate for her vanity countertop

retro boomerang laminateI built a new vanity for my guest bathroom about about three months ago, but we held the story, because lookie: I was able to use one of our seven new Retro Renovation® by Wilsonart® boomerang laminates — the delicious “Retro Renovation® Delightful Jade” design. By the time I got going with this project, the colorway was locked in, so Wilsonart printed a sheet for me [disclosure: they provided it no charge as part of our collaboration]. I love all the colors in our boomerang laminate collection, but ‘Delightful Jade’ is one of my favorites, so I’m super excited that I found a place to use it in my home.

retro green bathroomretro green bathroomThe color coordinates nicely with my circa-1962 original American Standard green bathtub and similar green wall tile accents.

retro boomerang laminatePam and I think this color also will look great in kitchens and baths stretching back to the 1940s.

retro green bathroomretro green bathroomThe verdict — I absolutely love it. Every guest I have had over to the house since I finished renovating the bathroom has remarked about how much they like the countertop — whether they are into retro decor or not. Plus, how many people can say they not only fabricated their bathroom countertop, but also helped to create the colorway?!

More info on all the work I did in this bathroom yet to come. In the wake of yesterday’s big huzzah, we wanted to show this new laminate off right away!

Disclosure: I want readers to know: I do not make money if you buy this laminate; “the deal” that I have with Wilsonart includes other elements of consideration. For example, on Feb. 1 they will launch an advertisement on the blog, for which Retro Renovation is compensated. So, I do not have any incremental financial reason to promote the laminates in this collection over other options — see all our research on countertop options to find the product that’s right for you! – Publisher Pam.


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  1. says

    Kate, great site and great reno.
    I have been combing retroreno and google for resources on how to properly install a sink with a Hudee ring.

    Our home was built in 1962. I’m doing some updates to our yellow bathroom and have just removed the old laminate top and sink from the existing vanity. When I did so the Hudee ring came free of the sink as well.

    So now that I’ve cut the new top to fit and the hole for the sink, I realize I need to clean all the old (i’m guessing) putty off of the ring and sink. At least this is what I’ve surmised from sink installation videos and articles I’ve read regarding re-installation of old sinks.

    I cannot find a clear how-to on the installation of the ring and sink though. I’m not sure if I should take the counter top back off and install the ring with putty into it and then the sink with putty into the ring followed by the clamps. Or if I need to Adhere the ring to the sink with caulk, and then install the ringed sink into the counter-top with putty as if it were now a self-rimmed sink. And then attach the clips.

    Any counsel is much appreciated. Thanks again!

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