Where to buy pink, blue, beige and harvest gold toilets — UPDATE

retro toiletIn the last few years, getting a new toilet in retro colors — like pink, blue, beige or harvest gold — seems to be becoming more and more of a challenge. After Gerber discontinued all of its colors, we were left with one place to find a pretty pink potty — Peerless Pottery. And now, an update: As of the beginning of 2016, Peerless is only offering the three toilet models above in retro colors. 

retro toiletI contacted Matt Ford, President of Peerless Pottery, to inquire about which of their products were available in color. He replied:

The model of toilets we offer in colored pieces is (7160, 7660, and 7668) and we now have a nationwide supplier for us.  The company name is Trumbull Industries, and if someone wants to get a retro color please just have them call Trumbull Industries at 1-800-477-1799 and let them know the color they are looking for. We offer Dresden Blue, Harvest Gold, Venetian Pink, Beige, Bone, Silver, and Biscuit.

Update May 24, 2016: Trumbull directed reader Ashley to find their products on this site: Bath 1. Ashley advises to also look on the homepage for discount codes. Thanks, Ashley!

retro toilet retro toiletSinks in color, too — “maybe”

According to their catalog, Peerless doesn’t offer any of their sinks in colors other than white or bone, however when I asked Matt about getting their sinks in colors, he replied:

We offer all of them, however, availability is not very high since we do not have many requests. It would be best to call Trumbull Industries and have them place one on their next order. If they get enough requests they may begin stocking them.

Note the caveat: “If” they get enough requests they “may” begin stocking them.

Fortunately: We think that it’s going to be a lot easier finding a pink sink — vintage, than finding a working pink toilet vintage — and even then, a vintage toilet is likely not going to be low-flow.

sinksSo folks, if any of your are planning to build or restore a pink bathroom using new fixtures, there’s your options.

  • Peerless Pottery’s online catalog
  • Want to order a Peerless Pottery retro colored sink or toilet? Contact Trumbull Industries at their main office in Warren, OH: 1-800-477-1799. Matt tells me that Peerless Pottery has just sent their first truckload to Trumbull Industries this week, so you’ll have the best luck by calling the main branch in Warren, OH and asking for Jim Nagy, who may be the best person to help you with pricing and ordering information at this time.
  • AND an UPDATE (2/26/2106) from reader ASHLEY: “We called Trumbull Industries and they directed us to Bath1, where they said consumers can purchase these retro colored toilets. We searched for “Pottery” and they came right up! They also have a 5% coupon available to use right now!” Thank you, Ashley, we see them!


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  1. Mary Elizabeth says

    This is useful information, as always, Kate and Pam. It is interesting that the color chart shows Venetian pink as a very pale pink color. I wonder if it is the same as the darker Venetian pink from the 1950s (aka “Bahama Pink” in some brands), which is in Kate’s pink bathroom and mine. Gerber changed the name of the color from Venetian Pink (which is the color of my sink) to Bahama Pink, which is the color of my toilet. People should try to get a color sample so they can tell before ordering.

  2. ineffablespace says

    During the time between when I bought my house (2011) and when I moved in and started on the bathrooms (2013), and now when I am starting on the third and last bathroom, Kohler discontinued colors Sunlight (yellow), Skylight (pale blue), Innocent Blush, (pale pink), Tea Green (pale green), the Mayflower corner bathtub, the Taboret line of fixtures designed in the 1960s or 1970s, and drastically reduced the number of items available in Ice Grey. Toto discontinued its color that corresponded to Kohler Ice Grey.

    All of these colors were under consideration (the long gone original bath was yellow, the powder room pink, and other houses in the complex had pale blue. The Mayflower tub figured in one redesign. And one by one all the possibilities started to disappear.

    I got one of the last cast iron Ice Grey bathtubs, and ordered some Taboret faucets as soon as they were discontinued as well. I am almost wondering if I should buy two Ice Grey toilets and stockpile one in the basement. (in any case I should buy at least one as soon as I post this because now that I talked about it they will probably disappear, too).

    It’s disheartening really that in this age of near complete access to thousands of choices for everything, that all the thousands of choices for bath fixtures are white, or if you go with Kohler, white and various shades of gray for most fixtures.

    And in reality, as far as my aesthetics are concerned it seems rather pointless to create a colored-fixture bath, because there are no pink, blue, yellow, or green bathtubs or sinks. The Peerless toilet will be a great thing for people who have vintage baths intact enough that all they need is a replacement toilet, but if you want to create a full bath with a matching suite of fixtures, you are outta luck.

    It’s also very difficult to get a really high quality faucet or tub shower set that looks appropriately mid-century. They have appropriate looking inexpensive options available, but I would be concerned about the longevity of those.

    It’s kind of ironic that Skylight (2012) and Innocent Blush (2014? 2015?) were two of the last colors to fall, and in 2016 a blush and a pale blue are the Pantone Colors of the year.

    • pam kueber says

      You would be amazed at how many emails and comments we get each week asking where to find color toilets, yes, for replacement.

    • tammyCA says

      Exactly. Now that we finally can redo our full bathroom all the pink fixtures are going or gone (and there ain’t been nothin’ at the restore here but leftover Tuscany & greige stuff). It makes no sense to have a pink toilet and possibly sink with a white tub and I’m never going to get a re-glazing again as that doesn’t last & just chips off.

      • Kathy says

        I posted some two-handle shower options with pressure-balance or themostatic valves with midcentury styling in a previous bathroom discussion: http://retrorenovation.com/2016/02/08/restore-1959-vintage-bathroom/

        I think most shower options are pretty decent as long as you have ceramic cartridges and avoid too much plastic trim. I started looking over a year ago, and am glad to see more options now than when I first started, perhaps a response to local plumbing codes that require anti-scald type features.

        If you are worried about longevity, you can get a commercial grade fixture and add your own pressure balance valve installed between the shower handles and the shower head. There are quite a few options, but you have to be careful it includes a tub connection. Locke Plumbing and Chicago Faucet Shoppe are good sources of commercial grade fixtures, although most websites do carry them. Many commercial fixtures are utilitarian and rather mid-century in style.

  3. Demian Martin says

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to re-porcelain a toilet using the same process as a metal sink? I have three perfectly preserved mid century bathrooms with color matched sink, toilet and tub. All great except the toilets are high flow and use long discontinued parts.

    • pam kueber says

      I have never heard of this being done. Toilets are solid ceramic — the reporcelaining of tubs and sinks is over cast iron or steel substrates.

    • Rachel says

      There are bags you can put in the toilet tank and a little fill interrupter valve to displace some water if you want to make a retro high-volume toilet a little more low-flow in the meantime. Cheap fixes that will save you some water. Better to keep the toilet imo if it’s that well preserved!

  4. Melinda says

    If you happen to be in northern NJ, Morris county ReStore currently has 2 different blue toilets, 2 yellow and the tanks only for 2 avacado green. Get ’em while they’re hot.

  5. Susie P says

    Recently downsized and moved into my childhood home. Really want to keep the pedestal sink and flawless tub but the toilet leave much to be desired😕
    Any resources in New England for jadeite green toilets?

  6. Suzanne says

    I grew up in a house that my parents built in the mid-70’s. One bathroom had a medium blue tub and surround, blue toilet, and dark blue sinks. Another bathroom had a green tub and toilet (not avocado but a little brighter) with cheery sunflower yellow sinks, and the powder room had a medium blue toilet and sink like the master. My parents love color and so do I! I know the trend now is white and gray everything with subway tile, but it seems like manufacturers could still keep some nice colors available by special order for those of us who don’t want to join the neutral party. I was able to score a pristine American Standard bathroom ensemble in pink from Craigslist about 3 years ago – tub, sink, toilet, wall tile, and even about 14 sq ft of brand new, custom cream & pink mosaic floor tile that the owner had decided not to install. Those items wait patiently in my garage until I have the time and money to take on my bathroom reno. It is nice to know there is still one place to get pink toilets, if I can get a good color match. The one-piece toilet that came with my set is a very cute, but very short – better sized for my 6-year-old daughter – and it has a round bowl when I would prefer elongated. Hopefully these will still be available by the time I get around making my decision!

  7. Ashley says

    We called Trumbull Industries and they directed us to http://www.bath1.com, where they said consumers can purchase these retro colored toilets. We searched for “Pottery” and they came right up! They also have a 5% coupon available to use right now!

  8. Madeline says

    (If I see one more person – not on this blog of course! – proudly showing before and after pictures resulting in another vile, soulless, whitewashed home “remodel” I think I’ll scream.)

    Harvest gold!!! Fantastic! We’re planning on moving next year and of course I need a harvest gold toilet. One less thing to worry about!

  9. Demian Martin says

    Unfortunately these are not legal in California. 1.2 GPF max. I checked with them.

    I have three original 1955 bathrooms with three of the Kohler colors of the period, Sunrise, Cerulean and Peachblow. The only aspect changed since new is the floor. While all the fixtures look new (This house give a new meaning to time capsule- its as though it was not lived in) getting a 60 year old toilet with unusual internal hardware to not leak has been a challenge.

    I looked for replacements to both conserve water and have repairable stuff but its just not possible to find something. The toilet, sink and tub all match in all three bathrooms so reverting to white would be really sad. I’m getting parts to have in reserve and have learned a lot about maintaining old Kohler toilets.

  10. Cece says

    I’m needing to replace the seats on two of my 50’s american standard toilets. Looks like Bemis custom matched toilets seats until recently and now only sell specific colors of pinks and blues. (tried every chip with no good matches.) Any one have any leads on who could do a custom match? I’m currently using white seats but they look so terrible.

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