A good looking retro 1950s style toilet

1950s style toiletWe love to talk toilets here at Retro Renovation and today: a new find — an affordable toilet with lovely retro lines.  1950s style toiletThanks to reader Paul for this tip. He wrote:

Pam, I have found a new option for 1950s style toilets! They only come in white, but it will look good in a vintage bathroom.

1950s style toiletWe agree: The Halkett Two-Piece Toilet has that classic midcentury look. At $180, it won’t break the bank either.


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  1. Ford Lee says


    I see that the toilets you’ve discussed in the last couple of days all have the exposed trapway design. Don’t people realize all those indented curves are harder to keep clean? A lot of people are so squeamish about bathroom germs, but don’t seem to care (or think about) all the extra surfaces sticking out that will catch more of those germs than ever. And looking at the sides of the toilet puts a vision in my mind’s eye that is not appealing.

    I have seen toilets that even have a sticker on the showroom sample saying “smooth sides” and of course they cost more. I guess it’s now considered an upgrade?

    Are the companies so desperate to save a little bit of money that the materials they save making the exposed trapway is the difference between staying in business or not?

    This is why, when I need to replace my toilet, it will be with a used one, even though it won’t save water.

    • Pat says

      We bought a used toilet for that very reason, and guess what, we got one of the low flush toilets anyway. Is there a way to tell whether or not it’s low flush??

  2. Paul says

    An inexpensive change would be to replace that plastic flush lever with a more 1950’s looking one, many of which are available at Lowes for a few dollars. Like I said before: If only this toilet came in Venetian Pink, Regency Blue, and Ming Green as well as white!

  3. Pat says

    I lived through the 50’s and we always lived in new houses cause my Dad built them. We never had a toilet with that design (the trapway). So, I’m a bit confused why these are considered retro.

  4. Judy says

    Does anyone else think it looks like intestines from the side? What a shame because I really do like the indented lid.

  5. Katie says

    I know that this is almost blasphemy on this site, but I actually prefer the look of a white or off-white tub and toilet. I adore colored tile, and most of it looks nice with a neutral.

    I live in an area with very hard water, which means that the toilet is going to need to get replaced every 15ish years, and even if you can get a colored toilet, the odds of getting one in the same shade as the old one is very slim.

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