Disconnecting for a week

gone-fishingMy to-do list is weighing upon me. I am taking the week off to attack it. Taxes! Water in the basement! Dentists and vets. Cleaning the office. Finishing a big project. Doing paperwork. Sending Mom the package I owe her. Cleaning out the piles in my mudroom that need to go to Goodwill. Then, amidst renewed calm, creating a more organized to-do list heading forward. So borrrrrrring, but I will be so happpppy when I get in *control* again.  Note: All Comments going into moderation, where they will sit all week in wait ’til we return Monday, April 4, so’s I can truly disconnect from the matrix.


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  1. Holland VanDieren says

    We ALL should take the same week and do what you are doing, Pam. Can you imagine how fearfully organized your legion of fans would be?! Maybe RR should launch a Catch-Up and Clean-Up Challenge : )

    • pam kueber says

      A week was not enough! I got a lot done, but as fast as one thing came off the list, another thing came on it! I need a MONTH Catch-Up and Clean-Up Challenge! Maybe in May!

      I got the taxes done. That was what made me HAPPIEST!

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