Marimekko’s new line at Target — coming Sunday, April 17th

MarimekkoMarimekko lovers take note, and buckle up: A new crop of products bearing the bright and bold prints of Maija Isola will be hitting the shelves and online at Target in the U.S. this Sunday, April 17. As with other such collection, this stuff will probably be gone in a wink, so if ya want some, make your plan and be on the ready. The collection includes patterned pieces for outdoor décor, furniture, entertaining and a beach and swimwear line for women and girls. I’m loving the sneak peek at their tabletop collection and lookie, everything looks like it’s already online — poised ready to go “live”!


This announcement came out a while ago, but we held it until right before the launch so’s everyone could be on the ready. Here’s the news release:

Marimekko and Target Announce Design Partnership for Spring Collection – Marimekko’s Bold Prints and Cheerful Colours Translate Finnish Lifestyle

Today, Marimekko and Target, one of the largest retailers in the United States, announced their forthcoming partnership for spring 2016. The limited-edition collection features playful, print-centric pieces that span outdoor décor, furniture, entertaining essentials as well as beach and swimwear and accessories for women and girls. The prints in the collection were designed by one of Marimekko’s most iconic designers, Maija Isola. Dating back to the early decades of the Finnish design house, the prints are great examples of Marimekko’s design heritage.


The collaboration is related to the royalty income from a licensing agreement with a North American company, now specified as Target, announced in Marimekko’s first and third quarter interim reports in May and November 2015.

“When it comes to our partnerships, we travel far and wide to find designers and brands we think our guests will love,” says Julie Guggemos, Senior Vice President, Product Design and Development, Target. “For our spring collaboration, that brought us all the way to Finland! We’ve had our eye on Marimekko for quite some time, and can’t wait for guests to have a chance to shop this limited-edition collection in just a few short weeks.”


A glimpse into the Finnish culture and lifestyle gave birth to the idea behind the Marimekko for Target collaboration: two iconic brands joining forces to create the feeling of an eternal summer and carefree outdoor living by offering items that bring people together and encourage them to play. Target’s design team spent time in Helsinki, where Marimekko is rooted, and were struck by one observation in particular. Finland has four distinct seasons, and once the cold and dark of winter fade away, the Finns couldn’t be happier to get outside with friends and family to enjoy some much-deserved sunshine.

“Target pioneered the concept of design partnerships and continues to raise the bar with each new collaboration,” says Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, Marimekko’s President. “Following the celebrated previous Target’s design partnerships with brands such as Missoni, Mulberry, Jason Wu, Jean Paul Gaultier, PETER PILOTTO and Alexander McQueen, we are very excited to present the Marimekko for Target collaboration this spring. Marimekko was created to bring colours and happiness into people’s everyday lives. We are thrilled to share our storied colorful designs and lifestyle thinking, inspired by Finnish summer living outdoors, with Target’s guests in all stores and online across the United States.”

The Marimekko for Target capsule collection will be available at all Target stores and in the United States starting April 17.

After a long, gray winter, you have to love this:

“Marimekko was created to bring colors and happiness into people’s everyday lives.”

Yes, yes and yes! Bring on the happy!

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  1. cathie says

    They never produce enough stock so for many the only way to get anything is to pay ridiculous prices on ebay. I guess their goal is realized because it generates publicity but when one can’t easily purchase most of the line I lose interest in these types of collaborations and don’t even bother trying. However, I was really excited about this line but in general it is disappointing – the housewares are unattractive and don’t really say “Marimekko” at all. A lot of the products look very Ikea-ish.

    • Mary Elizabeth says

      These are actual historic Marimekko patterns from the 1960s, not new ones. If they seem IKEA-like, it’s because IKEA has been channeling them for ages.

  2. linda h says

    When I saw the Target ads, I thought it would be cool to make a headboard out of the Kaivo pattern to go with my black, white and green Unikko bedding. But now that I have had the idea, maybe I will buy some fabric from Marimekko if I can’t find something I like out of that fabric at Target. My favorite collaboration at Target was with Orla Kiely.

  3. Brooke says

    I’m irritated Target didn’t make it work in Canada. Should have opened 1 or 2 stores in each city instead of 6 or 8. I wont be able to get any of the Marimekko line. Oh well… it’s fun to look at anyways and good luck to those who can pick some up

  4. Trudi says

    I agree that some of the pieces look like the love child of Marimekko and Ikea! After the insanity of the Lily Pulitzer for Target line I’ll be skipping this one. I don’t blame Target. I blame the greedy ebay dealers I saw with 2 or 3 shopping carts overflowing with every piece they could grab. I also put some responsibility on people who purchase those items and encourage the greed.

  5. Heidi says

    Has anyone else seen the Mud Hut line of items at Target? I am currently browsing some home items that I would look great for a tiki party and trying to figure out if I can make one of the curtain prints work in my living room.

  6. Nikki says

    I wonder if the website will activate at 12:01 on April 17th? Might be something to consider if you really want something – go online early and order….

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know when the stuff will go online. I believe that in the past, online stock sold out in a flash, too. If I’m up at midnight, I will probably try to hop on and see if I can nab something that caught my eye.

    • Jenny L says

      With last year’s Lily Pulitzer line, it was closer to 3:00am central time. Who knows, maybe they’ll be more organized this year in order to avoid some of the bad press that came with last year’s Lily debacle?

  7. says

    Remember buying Merimeko when I was a kid with my parents. I had a comforter and fabric wall hanging. We would always get it at Crate & Barrel Outlet in Chicago.

  8. Kathy says

    My mother worked in a store that sold Marimeko fabric to make framed pictures. Not all of them were so bright and colorful. My grandmother had a beautiful stylized tree in greens and browns over her sofa. I bought some rainbow fabric at a yard sale for my son’s bedroom years ago–recognized it immediately.

  9. Laurie C. says

    I appreciate you letting us know right beforehand; I don’t know how many times I think, “I’ll have to try to remember when such and such starts”— but do I remember?!? Not often. Thanks again and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the folks in my home town will go all provincial and snub the Merimekko like they did the Lily Pulitzer—lol!

    • pam kueber says

      Wow, lucky you! Go get ’em! Yes, we “held” this one to right before so we could remind everyone!

  10. Mary Elizabeth says

    I love the Marimekko style and have ordered fabric to make pillows, etc. There was also a store in Reykjavik, Iceland where I bought some things still being made. Another thing I do is haunt eBay and etsy for New Old Stock sheets and pillowcases. (There are not many estate sales in my area with true MSM stuff.)

  11. Elaine Crabtree says

    I was unexpectedly awake about 3am & was able to go online & buy a few things – a top, dish towels, that fab pink + yellow runner. Was surprised to see that the Target ad in my Sunday paper today has absolutely nothing about Marimekko. Maybe it’s not at all stores?

  12. Stephanie in MD says

    Had to quickly come here and post that I also got something this time! I planned to stay away after the Lily experience, but after reading the news at about 2pm Eastern that the stores still had things, I went to my local store (about 5 minutes away) in a busy metropolitan area, and got two table runners, plates, two of the serving/container sets, and waaaaay too many clothes for my daughter. I was pleasantly surprised and it seemed like I was the only person who knew who Marimekko was, so it was a stress free shopping experience.
    My first experience with Mari was living in Italy. Drooled over everything in the store. I couldn’t afford anything at the time, but have some beautiful Mari painted Christmas ornaments a dear friend gave me when we left. So Mari has a special place in my heart.

  13. says

    Wow! I like Marimekko’s new line. Can’t wait, I’ll go to Target today :)) Thank you for interesting and useful information!

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