First Partio Cart of the season: Spotted April 12 in Seattle

partio-cartAs longtime readers of the blog know, here on Retro Renovation we don’t look for groundhogs to declare that spring is upon is: We are watching for the GE Partio Carts to come out from under cover and go on sale. Props to reader Elizabeth, who sent me this tip about a FREE Partio Cart on craiglist on April 12. I think this Partio — who apparently was not in great shape — is already sold, because I can’t get the contact email thingie to work. UPDATE: Link now expired, surely gone! Happy Spring, everyone!


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  1. Carolyn says

    Well, I can tell you why I’ve never seen one of these in my lifetime – $800 new (!!!) and 220 outlet (that’s your dryer, range, and/or welder). People rich enough to afford this had already built their brick BBQ from Popular Mechanics.
    I was going to ask why we can’t have cool junk like this anymore but realized that “everything old is new again” if you look at today’s grills with little burners on the side. Still not as cool as this. Just roll it out and it’s “Time to Party!”
    Oh, and quick Yahoo search – guess who’s in the top 2 entries? Retrorenovation, of course.

  2. Mary Elizabeth says

    Love the Partio. I have seen one or two in my life. They are an electric stove on wheels that also has a grill on one side, so you can bake beans or mac and cheese to go with your hot dogs and hamburgers. It is, of course, a luxury, similar to the outdoor kitchens now being touted on the home decorating channels.

    Pam, the link to the Partio stories is not working for me.

    • pam kueber says

      Hmmm… strange. Did you give it a few seconds to load? Alternatively, just type Partio Cart into the search box under the navigation. Yes, I have several stories including lots more photos and original GE photography in the other stories…

    • Carolyn says

      I found that the link opened on woddities comments from this past Feb. but when I scrolled all the way to the bottom of the screen and then scrolled back up, the Partio Cart is then revealed. Give it a chance to load maybe?
      I also clicked on Exteriors, 9 Delicious Vintage Barbeques OR
      Culture and scrolled pretty far down if you can’t get it to go any other way

  3. says

    I am the owner of the Partio in Question – and Sylvia’s co-star in the video. It’s still available, still free, and I have reposted the ad:

    Be advised: I got this cart to get some parts off it for my primary Partio, so it is missing a lot of stuff, and it is badly rusted on the charcoal side. With that said, I think it is still salvageable if you are the DIY type. If I were to keep it, I’d probably convert the BBQ part to a cooler.

  4. Kristin says

    There’s a house just listed for sale a few doors down from one I am buying that has one of these in the basement kitchen. Will be knocking on the new owner’s door and offering to buy it when the time comes! The rest of the house has been “updated” so I’m sure they won’t want it. Fingers crossed!

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