Retro Renovation featured on “Chronicle”


If you weren’t able to come to my presentation in Las Vegas yesterday, well, here’s a short peek into my life (including Astro!) that ran last week on the popular Boston TV show, Chronicle. You also get to see me follow the crew’s directions to be a goofball. Which I’m always up for. Gotta promote the cause. Happy Monday!


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  1. ggail says

    Great piece and a terrific showcase for your beautiful home and collections. Love your stove!

    I was interested in what started your interest in MCM. I think I have a piece of that pottery (but just one, a second that my mom had forever and now I have).

  2. Lynn says

    Thank you, Pam, for inviting us to step into your lovely home with this video! I just love your kitchen! I have been visiting your site regularly for some time, but now I feel like I know you a little better, and that’s pretty cool too! Thanks again!

  3. Marge Schick says

    I have a retro chrome kitchen set. White table top with red chairs. I need my chairs redone…any idea where I can get this done? Northwoods of Wisconsin (Eagle River) area.

    • pam kueber says

      No, we don’t get that granular when it comes to resources. Try a local upholsterer… and use the Search function on our blog to find several stories about where to find vinyl

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