New Old Stock pink, jadeite and turquoise kitchen sinks (and more)

pink-kitchen-sinkFresh (exhausted) back home from The Hukilau 2016 and catching up on my emails, I see that one of our current favorite ebay sellers has dug a bunch more sinks out of storage, including this New Old Stock Pink Kitchen Sink (affiliate link), turquoise and jadeite kitchen sinks, and more colorful gems.

turquoise-sinkjadeite-kitchen-sinklime-green-sinkPrecautionary Pam reminds: Remember, when considering purchasing vintage products — including New Old Stock — to assess them for safety and environmental hazards in their surfaces, layers and materials; for example, re sinks, tubs and tile, see my recent story, Understanding potential lead hazards in old porcelain enamel bathtubs and sinks and ceramic tile of any ageGet with your own properly licensed professionals to assess the issues so that you can make informed decisions how to handle. For more info and links see our Be Safe/Renovate Safe page.

All the New Old Stock from nomoredrama4me:


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  1. Kristin says

    I have been watching that pink sink, and I am going to be in her area this weekend to get my cabinets powder coated (also pink). It’s so tempting, but almost twice as much as the Delafield I budgeted for. Sigh.

    • pam kueber says

      oooooh, you are powder coating your cabinets! I can’t wait to see what you do with your kitchen!

      Re the pink sink: you can always make an offer!

      • Kristin says

        Yes, it will be an adventure. Drive to St Louis to buy and pick them up, then turn around and drive to KC to drop them off!

        They are Republic steel, mid-50s, and are currently painted avocado. I am trying to find the best pink to use and I think I am going to take my pink sunbeam mixmaster with me to the powder coaters to see if we can get the closest match. Looking at most pink powder coat colors online, they seem to be too “cool” and I think the Prelude Pink looks warmer, to me.

    • Johnny in KC says

      I have a huge kitchen worth of Geneva and Youngstown cabinets. I’m about to decide on a method of refinishing them. About 25 cabinets. Do you have a rough idea of cost/cabinet to powder coat?. I assume you are taking them to the kc based liquid and powder coat company. I am in kc. I’ve bought 4 sets of cabinets over 3 years and have enough to finally piece them all together. I was debating having them blasted and then spraying with enamel. But I would prefer a professional coating. Also, I’ve read online forums that said the heat process of powder coating can warp the cabinet doors. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Carolyn says

    I don’t think I’d EVER have dirty dishes with these sinks – I’d want everyone to see them all the time! Is it me or is the pink one lustre-y? Or has it just been so long since I’ve seen a brand-spanking new colored sink?

  3. judy h. says

    LOVE that pink sink! That just might be the ticket for the kitchen in my mid-century modern “mother-in-law” apartment!!

  4. Elizabeth from Texas says

    I adore the pink, of course! I just had pink laminate countertops installed in my 1965 restoration! So maybe the mint green would be even better…that’s the house’s secondary theme color. But I’m running low on budget so I’m likely sticking with the Delafield with Hudee ring that I already bought!!!

  5. Grandma says

    Would love one of those! But there’s a stainless in this kitchen, although it is a 60/40 which I like. The Restore closed down here, so would have to go to another town to find something similar, if they even had one in good condition.

    Would like the aqua (?) one, but can’t justify the price, over $500 w/shipping.

  6. Froggy says

    Pam…Can you help me find information on a 1948 American Standard Bathtub? We renovated to install a jetted tub for hydrotherapy help. Also, have a lovely pink bathroom sink and a kitchen full of Youngstown big double sink and cabinets. Sink has rough surface, is stained and has two chips in enamel, but it is still beautiful! How would I DIY refinish the cabinets? Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Froggy, I am not an expert on this. You read about some of the approaches that readers took in our Kitchen Help categories — Readers & Their Kitchens and/or Steel Kitchens. Renovate Safe!

  7. says

    Oh man these sinks look delicious! I am still convinced that the current manufacturers are going to offer more colors once they see so many of us drooling online over these NOS ones. One can only hope, anyway….

  8. Wes says

    We just bought the turquoise one for our kitchen to go with boomerang counters and matching big chill appliances…

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