Uploader is ON: What’s new (that’s old) in your home?

1970s retro tiki clock[Uploader now closed.] Pam’s house is pretty full these days with vintage dollhouse stuff, Christmas ornaments, and a “vintage lighting store in the attic,” so she’s been trying really hard not to hoard collect as much. Oh oh, her new mantra: “My house is full, so now, I will buy stuff for Kate!” Thanks, Pam (Ms. Tiki-on-the-Brain) — yes, I am collecting for a tiki bar in the basement — thanks for the Witco clock! Time for a weekend uploader: What’s new (that’s old) in your home — or any projects you’ve recently completed in your home? Show us your stuff!

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read folk’s captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. Donna says

    Wow! From these photos. now I know more of what to look for at thrift shops and junk stores! Great pictures. I uploaded two photos from my new old 1960 house in SC. I worked with the former owner in the 1980s, and was not surprised that he had quite an eclectic house. I actually squealed when I found the 5 sets of legs in his scrap wood box! and I still have not looked through all of the stuff in the shed out back!

  2. JaniceW says

    Oh my goodness, that red stingray bicycle with the glittery banana seat makes my heart flutter! What a steal!

    I delivered newspapers in winter and summer on a bike like that, with a canvas bag hanging on my shoulders with newspapers in the front and back. I can’t remember if mine was a girls or a boys model, but it was red and it was gorgeous.

    This was the beginning of my love of red sparkly bicycles. I have three now. 🙂

    • says

      Sweet! I delivered papers all through high school on my electric blue Stingray.

      I made a grand total of $38 a month if everyone paid their paper bills (earned 2 cents per daily and a nickel for the Big Sunday paper), and my reliable monthly income supported my entire gang of friends as far as gasoline (21 cents a gallon at the time) shooting pool, bowling and the occasional bag of burgers from Crazy Eric’s.

    • Geronimom says

      The bike is mine…and although a vintage kid’s bike was absolutely the LAST thing I needed, for childhood memory’s sake I just simply couldn’t refuse!
      Way back in 1971, my very first “real” bike was a purple Schwinn StingRay – complete with white flower basket on the handle bar, sparkly purple banana seat & sissy bar. Imagine my surprise when, while researching my thrift store bike, I stumbled across an old Schwinn catalogue online and lo, and behold – there she was! My beloved Schwinn “Stardust” (didn’t remember it was called that until I saw the catalogue, tho) – white flower basket and all! That bike was the absolute bomb – our tickets to real “freedom” back in the days before cell phones, cable, laptops & video games. Oh how I remember begging and pleading with my parents for that purple bike – and being told innumerable times “No, we can’t afford that” (no wonder – from what I can figure out that bike would’ve cost between $400-500 in today’s money! 😳)…Despite my parent’s frugality, I miraculously awoke one Christmas morning and discovered that sparkly purple bit of magic waiting for me next to the Christmas tree! Best. Christmas. Ever. From then on, my brothers and I would hop on our bikes & go “exploring” and cruising through all the neighborhoods, looking for any and all treasures we could manage to carry back home on those bikes. I remember even making quite a profit with it one year by charging my younger brother a dime every time he wanted to borrow it (he had stupidly left his own bike behind my mom’s car and she had unwittingly backed over it). The fact that my bike was a girl’s bike – and purple – made not one whit of difference to him – the mere lack (or presence) of a metal bar never stopped anyone from our generation who desperately desired the freedom of two wheeled transportation now, did it?! Ahhh….the innocence of the good old days – didn’t know how good we all really had back then, did we?

      • pam kueber says

        I had the same bike — or one like it, circa…. 1966-67, I’d say! A purple Stingray with a glittery purple banana seat and a plastic basket with flowers. I bet I logged 1,000 miles a year on it. Oh the memories.

      • Lisa Compo says

        My Grandpa started the family Schwinn dealership in Covington KY that my father later took over. I had more than my fair share of new bikes as a child. But the two I remember best were my pink Lil’ Chick, then my pink Fair Lady when I got too tall for the little bike. I had the white plastic woven basket with the flowers, and an endless variety of bells that clamped onto the handlebars. I loved my Fair Lady SO much (she was part of me) that when I came down one Christmas morning and saw a shiny, new, red 10 speed by the tree, I said something innocently ungrateful like “oh no will you take it back…I don’t want a different bike”. You don’t hear that very often on Christmas morning. I finally requested the 10 speed about 2 years later when I felt too old for a no-speed and coaster brakes.

    • Carolyn says

      With 6 kids, my parents didn’t have a whole lotta money but they did the best they could so when the Stingray came out they were able to buy the sissybar, banana seat, and high-rise handlebars to put on the littlest bike we had. Then put the “Sound of Power” on the “boy crossbar”. Not sure the front tire ever wore out since we were constantly popping wheelies!

  3. KAYLY says

    What is the kind of plant in the third picture to the right of the “Mid-century knick-knack shelf”?

  4. Rick says

    This is also probably my favorite RR post & I’ll go back and look at previous ‘upload’ topics. Enjoyable envy, if there’s such a thing. The framed MCM doorbell as art is genius.

  5. tammyCA says

    I’m shocked at the great mcm stuff people find thrown out in the trash! Out here there’s never anything but broken, disgusting furniture that nobody wants.

  6. says

    I just love seeing everyone’s recent finds and updates! Looking through these pictures is dangerous – makes me want to drop everything and head out to the thrift stores!! 😉

  7. Carolyn says

    That’s funny with the wallpapers – we like what’s up and also when you peel it back to reveal what’s under!

  8. Jason W. says

    It’s fun to see others love the thrill of the hunt tracking down old furnishings like I do. Chain stores are so boring. Love seeing everyone’s finds!

  9. Lisa Compo says

    Might be fun some time to have a sort of “contest”. We send in a single picture of our very favorite vintage item (not a whole room–just one thing), then vote by comments. No idea about a prize other than knowing others loved our item too. Just a silly thought. Might prove to be quite difficult seeing how neat everybody’s stuff is, but still fun.

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