Fabulous Charley Harper shower curtain and more from Land of Nod

charley-harper-zoo-babies-shower-curtainTip: Remember to shop at children’s stores, too — quite often they have colorful, “less serious” decor that is great for our midcentury modern and midcentury modest homes. Case in point: Thanks to Emily for this great tip about a new Charley Harper collection for Land of Nod. That shower curtain — I LOVE IT!

charley-harper-lucky-ladybug-beddingThe Ladybug quilt comes in Twin and Full/Queen.

charley-harper-flock-of-birds-rug-land-of-nodAnd ooooh the Flock of Birds rug!

There are bed sheets… throw pillows… growth charts… and more… What fun!

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  1. linda h says

    My guest bedroom has Charley Harper fabric on the lampshades so maybe it needs that flock of birds rug to go with.

  2. Carolyn says

    Checked out what’s available (ooh!) and pricing (all over the place). We have to stop and think “Is retro/vintage available and in good shape?” For some things, probably not. “Is this price a little too high for me?” Then you have to ask yourself if you will regret getting it, or regret not getting it? And then amortize the cost over the years you expect to use it.
    Charley Harper designs are timeless (and somewhat ageless) so these could be heirlooms – skulls and camo, Hello Kitty and other licensed items – mmm, not so much.

  3. says

    I think you are right about checking the children’s section! Last time I was at Target, they had flamingo bedding and accessories in the kids aisle 🙂

  4. Robin, NV says

    The image on the Flock of Birds rug was used for an International Migratory Birds Day poster a few years ago. I have a copy I’d like to get framed some day.

  5. says

    Thanks for this reminder! As someone who loves color and a touch of fun in everything and anything, home goods aimed at kids often appeal to me. These are no exception! Charley Harper is perfect for big and little kids alike! 🙂

  6. victoria says

    ooh i love land of nod! our bed is from there, it’s a nice midcentury frame called the ellipsis. very affordable in a full/queen.

  7. tammyCA says

    I hadn’t heard of the late charley Harper but just checked out the Harper designs website with a neat interview with Todd oldham in his studio. I love the artwork! And, he showed some art he did while in the Second World War which always intrigues me.

  8. Kristin says

    “Tip: Remember to shop at children’s stores, too — quite often they have colorful, “less serious” decor that is great for our midcentury modern and midcentury modest homes.”

    While wandering Ikea with a friend this weekend she remarked that it was interesting how we designate fun/colorful as reserved for children, as if once we turn 25 everything has to be serious and greige.

    I’m glad to be a part of making life more colorful!

      • Joe Felice says

        The children’s-decor isles at Target have some interesting things, such as colorful bean-bag chairs, painted furniture, and locker tables.

    • Kate says

      Hmmm I guess I never grew up! My house has to be colorful or I don’t feel like it is home. Life is too short to be too serious and only decorate with greige!

      • tammyCA says

        Agree! I take serious “things” seriously, not my house..it’s full of cheerful colors. Just got home from the zoo and taking pics of the pretty coral pink flamingos & red, blue, yellow parrots, the colorful flowers..even Mother Nature doesn’t do all boring greige nation.

  9. says

    The heck with the ladybug quilt- I want those shelves above the bed!

    Hmm- $59 a module, in gorgeous colors… I think I must need these somewhere.

  10. Mary Elizabeth says

    Love that rug. But birds of different feather do not flock together! I found a great shower curtain (and towels to match) for the bath in my old 1970s condo in the children’s section of Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was a jungle scene with parrots, similar to this one:

  11. says

    This is so bizarre- I JUST finished a Charley Harper needlepoint that I found at a second hand store- it is of the Ladybugs, “Space For All Species” which was adapted from a poster he designed for the National Parks! Thing is, this is from 1979, it is like new, but now all I see are Charley Parker’s ladybugs EVERY where. What gives? This isn’t the first time this has happened, seems every weird thing I get from the thrift stores all of a sudden becomes popular not long after I buy it. Am I MAGIC??? (just kidding)

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