228 photos in our end of summer Uploader — lots of retro fun

tiki porchUploader now closed — but the haul was good — readers uploaded 228 photos of their fascinating finds, their lovely interiors, and there are a few puppies, too!

It’s hard to believe we are already in August — where did the summer go? In an effort to prolong this sunny season, we decided it was time for an almost-end-of-summer uploader. We want to see pictures of your vintage finds, gathered from summertime yard, flea market, thrift stores, auntie’s attic, estate sales and dumpster dives. Or share your favorite retro-styled hot weather hang out spot. Perhaps you took a vintage vacation and stopped by someplace special with a vintage vibe? Bottom line: What can do you want to share with the community so we can share in the thrill of it all?!

Above: This summer in my tiki sun porch, I was able to show off the new leafy cushions that I made last year… the resin tiki I bought online from Home Depot … and the pillows that I covered with indoor-outdoor flamingo fabric. I have mastered several key sewing skills for sure, ever since I did that big reupholstery project!.

.Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read folk’s captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. maria says


    Those are called corrugated fiberglass panels.

    I keep trying to upload a time capsule house I’ve considered buying, but uploader is fighting me.

    • pam kueber says

      maria, if yours is the photo from the MLS, I am not approving it. As per the Terms of Use, you should only be uploading photos that are yours – that you own the copyright to….

      Note: When we show time capsule houses on the blog, we always get permission first.

      • maria says

        Thanks Pam! Good to know! I wasn’t aware. I think I snagged it from G streetview because it’s 3 hrs from here, so I haven’t been able to do an in person look see. I think if I saw it in person — I’d have to have it! It’s very eichler in style with all that glass — and original orange counters in the kitchen with matching 60’s wallpaper!

    • Carolyn says

      Maria, that’s the term I’ve entered to search “corrugated fiberglass panels” and have asked old people, looked in old Popular Mechanics…some day, some one will say it and I’ll say “oh, yeah, duh.”

  2. linoleummy says

    Love the patio furniture! Travel trailers! Rick G’s basement furniture! Stereo consoles! And thanks for the trip to Tiki Caliente, Tikimama!

      • Rick G says

        Nice – well worth it, those lamps would set the tone in any room !!! – Hey Pam, I may have to wait till the next upload session comes around; hopefully I’ll have most of the decor sorted out by then, I think it makes more sense than rushing just to get more pics taken – thanks so, so much for hosting this; it’s very inspiring – this & all you do here at RR ; brings the midcentury experience to a whole other level. Your dedication is greatly appreciated.

  3. lyndasewsalot says

    I posted the picture of the flamingo very late at night! I was trying to type that I found the little guy with a broken neck, under a bush at an estate sale . But only wound up typing ” foul” instead of found. lol

    • linoleummy says

      Found fowl in foul condition? LOL! LOVE your patio stuff! The little table loop might be where a little flip-out tray is attached. I’d like to see more of your patio too. Hey Pam & Kate, how about a retro patio downloader for ideas while it’s still landscaping season around here? These are so much fun I sound like I’m watching fireworks with all the oohs and aahs and oh look at thats!

  4. Carolyn says

    I LOVE uploaders – too much fun!
    Is that a “ranch” tile for your 1959 ranch house? too cute!
    So, Chicken Man – is he everywhere, everywhere?

    • Janet says

      LOL – Ha ha, that takes me back! Actually, he’s just “Chicken,” but man, he IS everywhere. I have more baby gates in my house than I ever imagined I would! Have to protect my Danish teak, after all.

    • maria says

      Yes, that’s one of the original “ranch”accent tiles in my 1959 kitchen. Though it’s more MCModest than true ranch, but our subdivision was called Pioneer Village, so maybe that has something to do with it.

      The red rolling pin is from the 40’s I inherited from my aunt, the atomic copper/chrome ’60’s one I inherited from mom. Both are sitting on the counter top field tile in the photos. I have that oatmeal looking tile in both bathrooms too. One trimmed in chocolate brown tile, the other trimmed in pale yellow tile. Around here in CA houses at that time more often than not had tile vs. laminate counters. Maybe it’s because of the Mexican heritage?

  5. elaine says

    Absolutely loved the vintage pictures. I just realized I live in a home built in 1956 and I have the original pink and gray , blue and gray tiled bathrooms, knotty pine basement and bar it made me appreciate how well made things were made then because they all are in great condition today.
    I’m living vintage and didn’t known it :O)

  6. Rick G says

    Congrats to Keisha for that great find – ( you get my vote for the best bargain catch also Keisha !! ) P.S. – I’d love to see a shadow box uploader Pam ……….. ( I have 2 to contribute !! )

  7. Debi says

    Man, I enjoyed each and every photo/find. This was such a great idea. Hope to see more like it. So many inspiring ideas.

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