12 eBay finds to snap up now

I’ve been eBay obsessed lately, as I research plans for converting my living room into a tropical paradise. Along the way, I find lots of treasures, so here are some. Click on the text below each photo to get to the listing: Note, all links are affiliate links, which means I get a spiff if you end up buying anything on ebay once you enter via my link. All part of how I keep this blog boat afloat.

rotating toothbrush holderClick >> TWO Hall-Mack “Concealed Lavatories” — $125 BIN virden lights>> Three Virden ceiling lights $40 BIN

peter muller munk>> Peter Muller Munk Symbol roaster barkcloth>> 13 yards of barkcloth for $199 BIN
lucite lights>> Three spaghetti lights for $179 BIN eljer planter toilet top>> Rare Eljer Planter-toilet top
hall mack fish>> Big set of Hall-Mack fish bathroom fixtures retro cone pulls>> 36 of these NOS pulls available

flower wallpaper>> 2.5 rolls of vintage wallpaper, good BIN pric 
ruth richmond door pulls>> 16 Ruth Richmond cabinets pulls $96 BIN
pick your poison cera glasses>> Pick Your Poison Cera glasses, me wanna! atomic mailbox>> Vintage steel mailbox to restore

Want me to revive this regular feature???


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  1. Carla says

    No, please! For those of us seriously looking to buy stuff on ebay, this increases prices and competition. I don’t need help. It is not hard to find specific things on ebay; it just takes time!

    This feature, although fun, seems to create a buyers’ frenzy, and items get snatched up crazy fast. I am not a collector: I look for specific items to use in my home. More than once I have been notified by ebay that one of my saved searches is “in,” only to discover that a blog (not just this one!) has announced it on the web and the bidding has gone mad, or the items have sold already.

    Maybe there is no connection, and the items would have had the same reception without blog announcements, but it always makes me grumpy!

    Forgive me for ranting,

    • Barb S. says

      Aww… I kind of agree. I am/was saving up for those Ruth Richmond drawer pulls… but seven people are watching them now.

      I want the girls to make big bucks so we have this wonderful site, though! 🙂 I look forward to it every day.

    • Carolyn says

      I’m of two minds – my daughter was a seller back when ebay started but in the last 5 or so yrs scaled back because of all the added fees ebay was tacking on, and also after pretty many “stores” were advertising. Too bad they couldn’t have kept them separate but someone would’ve figured out a way around that anyways.
      But then again, you’ve got nomodrama4me (am I even close with that?!) who’s cleaning out her dad’s inventory…

  2. Bobbie says

    I like this feature, but what I used to enjoy more was when you would post a link to your curated “watch list” rather than links to just a few items.

    • pam kueber says

      Alas, ebay changed their technology and I cannot do that anymore in a way that links to my affiliate account….

  3. Mary Elizabeth says

    I do enjoy this as an occasional feature. And if anyone is wondering if the link to your blog is creating a bidding frenzy, I looked up the Muller-Munk pan and found I was only the second watcher in 24 hours. Not such a frenzy.

  4. linoleummy says

    No! I’ve been banned there again! (Self imposed.). I hope I at least got you a spiff or 2 linking to there. Ooo chrome Hall-Mack…

  5. Karen says

    I like that this is back especially as I had been looking for and and figured I just couldn’t find it. Without this, how would I ever have found out about a toilet tank top with a planter much less seen one! Keep up the investigations Pam!

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