Cathrineholm style melamine and stoneware dishes by Dansk at Bed Bath and Beyond

Cathrineholm style dishes

How’s this for some happy-hued plates, bowls, mugs and trays? Reader Susan commented on our recent story about boomerang laminate style melamine plates to give us this hot tip: Bed Bath and Beyond has a collection of Dansk dish ware called ‘The Burbs’ that looks pretty darn close to vintage Cathrineholm dish patterns. The dishes are available in melamine and stoneware — and wow — this stuff looks amazing. Plus, it is very reasonably priced so you can grab a whole set for less than you’d pay for a vintage original. 

Susan commented:

Hi everyone, I just want to let all you mid century fans out there know that Bed Bath and Beyond has melamine Cathrineholm look a likes dishes, made by Dansk called The Burb, the collection is online only. The dishes are a super nice way of having some Cathrineholm for a very reasonable price, in fact very cheap. Check them out. I love mine.

Melamine dishes

Cathrine Holm style dishes

There’s a colorful large serving bowl…Cathrine Holm style dishes Cathrine Holm style dishes Cathrine Holm style dishes

A red, lime green and bright yellow plate and bowl set…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coordinating small bowls…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coordinating small plates…Cathrine Holm style dishes

And three sizes of trays.

Stoneware dishesCathrine Holm style dishes

In contrast to the warm colors of the melamine collection, the stoneware dish collection is decorated in blues, grays and green. You can get a three piece set with plate, bowl and mug…
Cathrine Holm style dishes

A 16 piece dinnerware set in starbursty blue and green…
Cathrine Holm style dishes

Coffee mugs in four fun designs…Cathrine Holm style dishes

Cathrine Holm style dishes

And coordinating extra plates and bowls, too!

Now the only question is, which pieces are your favorite?

Mega thanks to reader Susan for the tip!


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  1. JaniceW says

    I got a bunch of these about a month ago on sale at Macy’s, in lime and orange to use outdoors. Love them!

  2. Susan says

    You’re welcome everyone, glad you love them too! I love the feel of mine. The bowls are a really nice weight. And thanks for the 20% coupon reminder Lynda! I still want a few more pieces so I will be using it on my next purchase.

  3. Brooke says

    I like the colours of the melamine version better than the stoneware. Too bad the SW doesn’t come in the warmer colours. Would it be weird to use melamine for your every day dishes?

    • Brooke says

      I’ve changed my mind! Dansk makes a 4 piece stoneware set called Kobenstyle which has a beautiful shape (comes in grey, red, teal/green and navy).

      I sold my vintage kobenstyle pots but these would add a bit of fun back into my kitchen. These are on my list for future purchases 🙂

      • Brooke says

        I just found black and white as well. (sorry for all the posts!). They’re a bit more expensive with a set of 4 (2 plates, bowl and mug) being $45-50 so a set of 8 would be close to $400

    • Carolyn says

      Brooke, reason 1 to use melamine every day is that it’s pretty much indestructible (this is not a dare to see if you can destroy it, kids!) so you can bang it around in the sink washing and putting in the cupboard – hmmm, kids’ jobs! Number 2 – you wouldn’t want to see these brightening your day, every day? Every day can be special with these designs!

      • Brooke says

        Carolyn – good point! It certainly would never break (lol no kids but the husband has chipped our current set/broken several pieces). I’ll have to think about them more seriously!

        • Heidi E. says

          Oddly enough, all the melamine dishes we had in my childhood did begin shattering ( sometimes under really weird circumstances, like cutting a steak on the plate or dropping an ordinary glass tumbler, which did not break, on another) when I entered my teens. Our guess was that using the stuff in a microwave impairs the unbreakability, since it also coincided with our first microwave purchase, but I have never read that anywhere.

          • Laura says

            I totally agree. I have melamine plates that my kids use and over time, I think being put in the microwave and/or the dishwasher does something to them and they will shatter under weird circumstances. That said, they’re cheap enough that it’s easy to replace them.
            Also, I love the pattern of that blue/white/green stoneware set, but I loathe stoneware. I can’t stand the sound it makes when you use utensils on it! (strange, I know)

            • pam kueber says

              Hi Laura, are they food safe after they are microwaved? That would me my concern…. best to ask the manufacturer.

  4. lynda says

    Dansk is owned by the Lenox company. If you have a Lenox outlet store nearby, they have an extra 25% off sale right now in stores. I see the collection is online on the Lenox site. Do a search for Burbs on the Lenox site. There is 20% off and free shipping if you spend enough.

  5. Vince says

    Wow! I used to live in a small town in Saskatchewan, and the restaurant had dishes with some of these patterns! That’s the only place I ever saw this pattern. It would be nice to get a set of these.

    The only thing that would make this better is if Corelle had patterns like this! Imagine that?

    • Vince says

      Come to think of it, they weren’t the exact same pattern, but similar enough… such as the alternating “raindrop” pattern; the restaurant had ones that were a bit more plain. I honestly don’t remember what colour they were either.

  6. Leigh Ann Azlin says

    Love! Going to have to have these. I lucked into an entire set of Texas Ware but my son put a plate in the microwave. My entire house smelled for a week and I thought the microwave was toast. Ugh! Perhaps these would survive him.

  7. Diane in CO says

    My favorite? The original Catherineholm pieces. Sometimes it annoys me to see these rip-offs. Am I alone here? That being said, I will probably check these out lol!
    Trust RR to keep us abreast of the trends!

    • Kristin says

      While I am sure we would all love a set of the originals, as well, often those are out of our budgets or time constraints. I think it’s great to see their return to the mainstream instead of lurking in (relative) obscurity among collectors. I think that can be said for any vintage reproduction, not just these.

    • Brooke says

      I also understand the love of having original pieces (I try to find all vintage furniture) but at the same time I’d have a hard time using the $50-$500 per piece dishware everyday or out on the patio. Sometimes practicality wins out 🙂

  8. Anna says

    These are also available at Hudson’s Bay in Canada. The current price for the 16 piece stoneware set is a whopping $185 but I got the starbursty one for $70 on sale last fall (plus party plates, and extra mugs, and…)

  9. says

    I too prefer the Melamine colors … I grew up with Melamine and its great … until its gets “cooked” too many times in the microwave 🙂

      • Heidi E. says

        Heh. I was just saying I wondered about that and had never heard anything. Now other people are finding the same. Funny the things you learn through a shared hobby!

  10. Maria says

    I’m fascinated by these, but unfortunately I can’t find my favorite plate style: the colorful Starburst look (with orange and yellow, instead of shades of blue), as a 16-piece set. It’s only available as as “one of four” in the party plate set. 🙁

  11. Betsy in Michigan says

    I hope everyone knows that the standard coupons from Bed Bath and Beyond can be used beyond their expiration date, and they usually let you use 3 or 4 at a time (so I never discard them, and keep them in my wallet and my car).

  12. Kelly says

    I have been loving the Dansk Burbs collection for a while at Macy’s. I love the melamine patterns, but they cannot go in the microwave and after a very disappointing experience with the Dansk Kobenstyle stoneware set I purchased a few years back I am hesitant to purchase the Burbs stoneware. After one year, the Kobenstyle stoneware had such horrible utensil marks from daily use they looked terrible. It just has not held up compared to the vintage dish sets I have owned in the past.

    • pam kueber says

      Note, a reader comment was posted with a suggestion how to ‘erase’ utensil remarks. However, considering that this can be a food-safety issue, I did not approve it. Please, dear readers, consult with the manufacturer on such issues.

  13. Cole says

    Pam, your link to Amazon doesn’t show for me, but I did find them. Make sure to get those dollars from us to help run the site with a quick link! 😉

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