My top source for pixie elf cupcake toppers — use them for wreaths and other crafts, too

elf cupcake toppers RetroCraftyArtsyFartsyI’m gearing up for wreath-making season and have some other little crafts in mind, too. I use a lot of wee bits — and started seeing these little pixie elf cupcake toppers around. Hmmmm. Where to find them? I see them on at all price ranges. But with a little more digging I think I found the best source — at the best prices: Red elf cupcake toppers and green elf cupcake toppers from direct from The Sugar Diva. 

e-pick-elf-red-sd-medBuy sets of 12, and cost is $1 each, plus shipping.

I talked to owner Mallory — she took the business over from her grandmother. She says these little fellas sell like hotcakes, year-round. Some of these that you see on etsy may also be from The Sugar Diva operating under other names — but prices are higher on etsy due to etsy fees. It’s just that etsy’s so popular, Mallory said, that they need to market there as well. So tip, when it comes to new stuff like this: See if you can find the source website, rather than etsy, to compare prices.

Made of hard plastic, they are clearly modeled after vintage ceramic elf candle climbers (affiliate link).

Idea: Have a wreath-making or Kitschmas crafting party — serve cupcakes with these elves on top — and invite your friends to use the elves right off the cupcakes. (Of course, rinse ’em first; I’m not going to make any comments about licking frosting off of pixies’ bumms. Ooops! I just did!)

midcentury-modern-house-1On a wreath, I find that they are good for holding tiny bottle brush trees or for climbing tree toppers. I think I see that Georgia Peachez is occasionally using them to go along for the ride on her creations involving miniature cars. I follow Georgia Peachez on Facebook so I can keep up with what she’s dreaming up next. I think that the prices in her shop are terrific, I think, if you don’t want to bother with the glue guns and get straight to having fun.

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  1. Markie Crossman says

    Oh Pam…. I’m not well. I started out by reading this article… ordered the pixies… and am now bidding on 4-5 lots of vintage ornaments. I think I need to take a break and make some coffee!

  2. Ondrea says

    Oh cute pixies! I have a bit of a thing for fairy folk too..currently spraying pine cones for a traditional Christmas theme.

  3. Lynne says

    I have a bunch of vintage Christmas pieces parts, doo dads, ornaments and such I need to get rid of. I guess I could put it on Ebay. What catagories do you all search when you look for this stuff?

  4. Lynne says

    I volunteer at our local thrift store. I do a lot of odd jobs, but my main area is the Christmas store. We work all year with the Christmas donations and then in late October, the store opens in the basement, only for the holiday season.

    We do get in a sizeable amount of vintage items. Is there anything special you ladies are wanting? I would be happy to check for you.

        • Lynne says

          Pretty sure we have boxes of ’em. I’ll look and see what I have in my box of vintage in the basement, too. I’ve got to get rid of this stuff! Been there for years. I know I have lots of gift wrap and ribbon and Christmas cards. Geesh…the cards…. I love the old graphics and glitter and flocking. Is there a 12 step program for this addiction??

    • Mary S. says

      I have been prowling our local Salv Army every few days to find vintage ornaments. They have had stuff out for a few weeks, but no great finds (yet). Be sure to look in the bags of “loose” ornaments. I have found quite a few shiny brites like that. I love the search but I have already made too many ornament wreaths now!

      Mary S.

      • Karen says

        Goodwill has been having a Turn in your tree and get a discount on a (can’t remember) tree event. I would imagine people would be going thru ornaments too. My village put up the holiday lights over the weekend too.
        I have a ton of glass ornaments but have been afraid to make a wreath because of breakage. Is there a secret to keeping them intact?

  5. Debbie in Portland says

    For many years there was a restaurant on the Oregon Coast called “The Pixie Kitchen”. It was magical to a child growing up in the 60’s, and I’ve always had pixies in my own kitchens. I have the green set, can’t wait to buy them a set of friends in red!

  6. tammyCA says

    I have the green pixies! I always put them on the putz house roof. I found them a few years ago at a cake/bakery supply shop along with those tiny ballerinas. I wasn’t sure if the pixies were new old stock or brand new as I never saw them again. Now I want the red ones.

  7. Kathy says

    Anybody ever try making their own “vintage” glass ball ornaments with spray tree flocking? I kinda had this idea that you could take a glass ball, adhere a very small stencil and spray it with flocking to make it like those old ornaments from the 50’s.

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