Something new + something(s) old: Can you guess?

dishmaster-faucetThis ain’t no ordinary kitchen faucet. It’s something new that I hacked with something(s) old. Who can guess? I will cobble up a prize (don’t get too excited) for the first one who gets the answer 100% right. Longtime readers will have a better clue at figuring out where to start — but the answer is in stories already on the blog (here’s a good opportunity to learn to use the useful Search box at the top, if you haven’t already). Good luck. Back tomorrow with the full story.


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  1. Brian says

    Would that be a new Dishmaster faucet with a backdated Imperial III faceplate? My wife and I have the same thing in our kitchen and we love it!

  2. Simeon says

    Looks like a Dishmaster M-76 but with the faceplate cover to give it more bling, its new old stock. the hardware looks ogirinal though.. almost like it was dressed up

  3. Nicole Oliveira says

    It is the new Dishmaster (M-76) with a vintage Imperial III face plate and vintage knobs ( the hot and cold on and off knobs)!!

    • pam kueber says

      Close enough for a bingo, and I declare you the winner, but I will push you even harder: Where did the vintage knobs come from? Hint: Use the Search box!

  4. Jay says

    All these variations are making me dizzy, I think I’ll just go along for the ride. I hope someone comes up with the correct guess real soon. Now I think I’ll go place my entry for the orniwreath.

      • pam kueber says

        I got my Dishmaster circa 2010, but did not install it. There is a dispenser in the back, but I don’t think it’s a Never MT (I don’t know that is).

        • ineffablespace says

          It’s a gadget to hook up a counter pump dispenser to a large economy bottle of liquid set on the floor of the sink base rather than having to refill the small bottles connected to the pump itself. People love or hate them and either have no problems or can never get them to actually work.

  5. Dan says

    M-76 with a NOS Imperial III Faceplate, Knobs (hot/cold) NOS from an older design. Looks awesome! Got to get one for my double bowl double drainboard cast iron sink.

  6. Brett says

    I have the same setup but the plastic handles from my imperial III. The manufacturer said at one point the handles were metal (my case is metal). Can metal handles still be found NOS? I’d love a set.

    • pam kueber says

      I took mine off a NOS old Dishmaster (story coming tomorrow). Others might work – just save the screws from your current Dishmaster, they are designed for the M76 is my experience.

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