Susan’s vintage wood doors with a sliding six-pane window

vintage-wood-door-window-drops-down-screenDid Grandpa make these interesting doors, or were they mass-produced? Here’s a woddity to wonder about and to ask — has anyone else ever seen a door like this before — and is there a particular name for this nifty wood design other than the rather blasè ‘sliding storm & screen’? Susan is the lucky owner and writes:

We own a 1956 Texas Ranch home, and the house has these really cool exterior doors. I’ve looked all over the internet, but can’t find the door. It is a wooden door, with the top half with 6 glass panes. That part drops/slides down to expose the screen, thus making it a 1/2 screen door! Any idea what this style of door is called? Thanks!


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  1. Susan says

    I have the same door going into my garage in my 1956 built home in Tx. Doors were most likely made at William Cameron a local mill company, which has not been in operation for quite sometime.

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