12 fun photos from our recent uploader

retro wedding

Photo by Ash Nayler.

There were so many fantastic finds, cool summer getaways and darn cute photos of readers — we love it when you get in the photos, too — in our recent end of summer uploader. Above: Readers Jennie and Aidan got married this summer in a retro-style wedding — love! Thanks so much for sharing everyone! Pam had me go through the 200+ photos to pick out some of my favorites, and here they are in no particular order. Heck yeah there is more →

10 midcentury style finds we like from Ikea

midcentury finds Ikea

As I continued ‘shopping’ major retailers to see what kind of midcentury inspired pieces they have to offer, my next stop was Ikea. Now, Ikea always seems to have sleek, modern furniture and goods that blend well with any decor style, but I was especially pleased to see several pieces that looked like they were plucked right out of the 60s. Heck yeah there is more →

34 designs of breeze block in Jack LeVine’s collection — let’s look at each one

decorative retro concrete blockOh, how the retro world loves breeze blocks. That is: Decorative concrete blocks. No one can know for sure how many designs were made, but I bet that Jack LeVine‘s collection, displayed like art in the back yard of his lovely Las Vegas home — gives us the best count we have so far. How many breeze blocks are in his collection? He says: 34. When I visited his house as part of Nevada Preservation Foundation‘s Vintage Las Vegas Home & History Tour a few months ago, I tried to photograph them all. Finally: Here’s the stash to ogle — and covet. Get yer scrolling finger ready, set, go!Heck yeah there is more →

Decorating a beige bathroom: Color history and ideas from six manufacturers from 1927 to 1962

beige bathroom vintageHow to paint and decorate a beige bathroom? We get this question a lot from readers who may not be accustomed to the warm and sometimes pinky-beiges in midcentury bathrooms. So, continuing our series looking back at the colors of vintage bathroom tubs, sinks and toilets, let’s take a look at how beige has evolved from 1927 to 1962 — and along the way, we’ll see the colors that designers were choosing to complement and accent beige fixtures back in the day. Heck yeah there is more →

Dozens of samples of vintage laminates from six companies in France: Celamine, Dilophane, Formica, Permalux, Plattan Perstorp, and Polyrey

retro formica francepermalux zig zagOh my word: Dozens of vintage laminate samples from five companies in France. Formica is the big name, but we also get to see designs from Celamine, Dilophane, Permalux, Plattan Perstorp (or is it Perstorp Plattan?), and Polyrey. Ebay seller rclark8449 generously gave me permission to grab the photos for our historical archive. He told me:

Hi Pam

I found these in a French village Vide Grenier they came from a hardware store so the vender told me.

All the best, Richard

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