A fun Desert Modern midcentury modest house in Las Vegas

desert-modern-housenpf-2016Day #2 of my coverage of the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s 2016 Vintage Vegas Home & History tour and oh happy day, let’s take a look inside this just-about-perfect Desert Modern midcentury modest house. Isn’t the kitchen adorable — and just wait until you see the blue bathroom, complete with vintage foil wallpaper that the new owners were oh-so-smart to keep!Heck yeah there is more →

Inside “Uncle Jack” LeVine’s delightful vintage Las Vegas home

vintage-las-vegas-5npf-2016I had the best time at the Nevada Preservation Foundation’s Home & History tour on May 8. My speech went really well — and I had such fun doing it — no nerves whatsoever talking in front of 250 people about this topic I love, “Love The House You’re In.” And then, the really fun part: Touring 10 mid mod houses clustered in two mid mod Las Vegas neighborhoods. Over the next several weeks, I’m going to milk this trip for all it’s worth — there’s a lot to cover!!! — by giving you a peek into some of the fabulousness we all saw, with a dash of Las Vegas midcentury modern history thrown in. First up: A look inside the first house I visited, the home of Jack LeVine — a realtor and blogger who was one of the The Very First People that I “met” when I started the blog eight years ago. He has been one of the biggest boosters of midcentury homes in Las Vegas for many years!Heck yeah there is more →

Custom midcentury modern home portrait by Christian Musselman

midcentury ranch houseIf you enjoyed the vibrant illustrations of Starlight Village’s midcentury home models in our recent story, get ready to drool some more. I recently had the opportunity to work with illustrator Christian Musselman, artist behind the Starlight Village renderings, to create a custom portrait of my very own 1962 retro ranch home. I was thrilled because — like many retro renovators — I absolutely love my house! Working with Christian was so much fun, too — he’s the kind of guy who gets super excited about his work, which in turn makes me even more excited. I’m not even kidding when I say our emails back and forth were littered with exclamation marks! When it was done: I was absolutely thrilled with how it turned out!

Pam here with this Disclosure:
After our story about Starlight Village, Christian reached out to us to let us know he did these portraits. I suggested that, to do a story, he work with Kate on a portrait for her house — free of charge — so she could document the process for readers who might be interested in ordering one. Christian eagerly agreed. And coming tomorrow: A giveaway — so you can win one too! Heck yeah there is more →