Zwick Window Shade Co. — making old fashioned quality window shades in the USA since 1930

zwick-window-shade-companyOne of the most retro window coverings around: Roller shades. If you want to get technologically fancy, add a clutch system. If you want to get aesthetically fancy, add a scallop at the bottom… add some old-fashioned trim… and finish off with a pull attached by a Higbee button. Finally, if you want to buy from a company that has made these kinds of shades in the U.S. since 1930, take a look at Zwick Window Shade Company.Heck yeah there is more →

Retro range hood exhaust fan complete with retro logo from 1933: Vent-a-Hood® Classic Series

vent-a-hood-retro-range-hoodventahoodIf you want a retro style exhaust fan in your retro or vintage style kitchen, check out the VentAHood® Classic Series that Laureen used in her fabulous Wren & Willow kitchen. VentAHood® has been making exhaust fans since 1933. And true to their history, this Classic Series under-counter exhaust fan has satin trim with that circa-1933 VentAHood® polished logo right in the center — perfect! Heck yeah there is more →

The Hawaiian barkcloth pattern that is setting the stage for my entire Mahalo Lounge project

kamuela_green_grandemahalo-lounge-logoMy project to transform my 15′ x 45′ living room/dining room into a Polynesian pop paradise is now solidly under way — made possible by the fact that I found a fabric for the 20+ linear feet of pinch-pleat curtains required by the space. The beautiful fabric that I discovered and which is now at the drapery workroom: Diamondhead Fabric’s Kamuela Green Kahala Cloth. I am MADLY in love with this fabric. It is JUST what I was looking for! And now that I have it, it is setting the scene for other key elements of my Mahalo Lounge.Heck yeah there is more →

Are the ornaments on your ornament wreaths coming loose?

vintage-christmas-ornament-wreatch-1-2I finally pulled out my high-heat glue gun to make a fresh batch of vintage Christmas ornament wreaths. But first, I am giving some away that I made in past seasons. Above: That’s the wreath I made in 2013 using all-new ornaments from places like Michaels, Target and K-Mart. However, as I pulled it out of storage, I found quite a few loose ornaments. So, I pulled off some of those loose ornaments and reworked some spots to give the wreath — one of my earliest ever — more pizzazz.Heck yeah there is more →

Susan’s vintage wood doors with a sliding six-pane window

vintage-wood-door-window-drops-down-screenDid Grandpa make these interesting doors, or were they mass-produced? Here’s a woddity to wonder about and to ask — has anyone else ever seen a door like this before — and is there a particular name for this nifty wood design other than the rather blasè ‘sliding storm & screen’? Susan is the lucky owner and writes:

We own a 1956 Texas Ranch home, and the house has these really cool exterior doors. I’ve looked all over the internet, but can’t find the door. It is a wooden door, with the top half with 6 glass panes. That part drops/slides down to expose the screen, thus making it a 1/2 screen door! Any idea what this style of door is called? Thanks!