From sketch to advertisement: Louisa Kostich Cowan’s 1954 bedroom design

louisa cowan designHere’s a before-and-after of a different stripe: Up top, the original rendering for a 1954 Armstrong Flooring advertisement by Armstrong’s Louisa Kostich Cowan. And just below it: The rendering as it was actually built out and featured in publications. Hey — I spy George Nelson Bubble Lamp Pendants — don’t forget to enter our giveaway for one, contest ends tomorrow [Thursday, Aug. 27.]Heck yeah there is more →

Open thread: Should we use the terms “feminine” and “masculine” to describe decorating styles?

1954-kohler-pink-bathroom-croppedI have been thinking a lot this summer about labels. Labels have been frequently in the news, often surrounding very serious events. Two labels that occasionally (although not often) come up here are “feminine” and “masculine,” used to describe decor. These days I am not liking these labels. I am thinking: Never again will I use these words on this blog, unless used to examine history. Dear readers, what do you think? Above: In 1954, Kohler did not shy from putting a boy in a pink bathroom. Would any company do this todayHeck yeah there is more →

21 early 1940s interior designs by Hazel Del Brown of Armstrong Floors

1940s decorarmstrong-flooring-1941Remember our delicious story about Louisa Kostich Cowan, protege of Hazel Dell Brown? Hazel Dell Brown, head of Armstrong Floors’ interior design department for decades: The most influential residential interior designer of the 20th Century — who you probably never heard of. Today: 21 of her designs from 1941 — along with the entire catalog (from my personal collection) in a slide show at the end. Lovely interiors — for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and more — for us to scrutinize for an expert’s view on how to put together a room beautifully. Heck yeah there is more →