It’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: Be Safe / Renovate Safe!

natlppw2016_403x403englishIt’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week. I encourage everyone to become super-well-informed about the potential lead hazards in our homes. Anyone in a new-old house or anyone buying vintage stuff should spend quality time on the EPA’s Lead Poisoning Prevention website to understand their key findings and advice on dealing with this important safety issue. You can also see additional information and links on our Be Safe / Renovate Page, which includes a list of some of other places you might find lead in your house that have come up on the blog over the years; for example, my May 2016 story spotlights the  potential lead hazards in old porcelain enamel bathtubs and sinks and ceramic tile of any age

Comments closed on this one, dear readers — get with your own experts! Be safe!

Instead of knee-hugger elves: Annalee Dolls for my Christmas ornament wreaths — from Home Goods, Marshalls and T.J. Maxx

annalee-dolls-2I am always on the lookout for vintage or reproduction Christmas weebits to jazz up my annual production of Christmas ornament wreaths. Poking around Home Goods last week, I spotted these little Annalee Dolls — around $7 each — and thought they would be great substitutes for knee-hugger elves. Vintage knee-hugger elves in good shape can be really hard to find, expensive too… and the reproductions I’ve seen at Michael’s are, as I recall, too big and don’t look all that vintage. Many of the Annalee’s seemed sized just right… there are a variety of designs… they are posable… and there are cute little animals, too. In addition, Annalee Dolls’ vintage props are authentic: This company has been in business since 1934!Heck yeah there is more →

Vintage English Rose kitchen aluminium banquette seats

english-rose-kitchen-1It’s an English Rose kitchen hat trick — three days of stories about these wonderful vintage design kitchen cabinets made and sold in England back in the day. Today’s finale: Photos of vintage banquette seats — a feature that I have never seen offered in vintage steel kitchen cabinets that were made and sold in the U.S. Reader Sarah sent me these photos four years ago, when she had them for sale. Yes — gulp — four years ago — good thing I never throw anything out including emails. I think they are soooooo coool!  And lookie this —>>>>Heck yeah there is more →

English Rose-vintage-style kitchen cabinets from John Lewis of Hungerford

red-white-vintage-style-kitchen-english-rose-john-lewisSince I first wrote about the English Rose-style wood kitchen cabinets made by John Lewis of Hungerford in the wee early days of the blog — 2008, there has been an explosion of interest in midcentury interior design. Online marketing has improved greatly, too. After yesterday’s story about Ondrea and James’ new kitchen using vintage aluminium English Rose cabinets, I went back to check for any updates to the John Lewis of Hungerford page and indeed, found several gorgeous new examples. Their PR team gave me permission to grab them for the blog, so here’s a look at some recent projects by the company. It’s interesting to see some of the contemporary design elements used — while at the same time, it’s undeniable that the underlying retro English Rose vibe is calling the shots. All those chrome recessed pulls!Heck yeah there is more →

Ondrea and James’ English Rose kitchen: Two sets refurbished into one joyful remodel!

english-rose-kitchen-11english-rose-kitchen-25English Rose metal kitchen cabinets: One of three brands we’ve identified as made and sold in England — and, still made today! But being a U.S.-based blog, we have mostly U.S. readers (84%), so it’s only now and then that we get to read about Retro Renovations from across the pond. And what a delightful story this is: Ondrea and James paired up, and soon enough, were feathering their Bristol, UK, nest with a “new” kitchen. In this case: combining two sets of vintage aluminium — (in U.S. talk, aluminum) — English Rose kitchens into one… and there’s lots to the story, of course!Heck yeah there is more →