Whiskey barrel a Go Go: Inside Trixi and Jon’s retro genius midcentury modest house

midcentury modest houseretro basement barAfter lavishing loads of time-consuming TLC on their adorable midcentury modest ranchalow, two of our favorite Retro Renovators have put their house on the market. Trixi and Jon love their 1962 home, but that’s they way the cookie crumbles, they need a bit more space. The real estate photos are fabulous — the perfect opportunity to showcase all their retro genius interior design done on a budget: Removing 1980s layers… getting creative fun with paint… wallpaper fragments… atomic stencils… and yowza, a rockin’ 1970s barrel furniture basement bar! (hehe, Interior Desecrations!) Before it’s too late, let’s take the grand tour of their colorful and creative home.Heck yeah there is more →

Dorothy Draper, drafty houses, pink bathrooms — and coffee: Friday link love

Friday-Link-Love-logo250A new weekly feature: Friday Link Love. As jammed as the interwebs are with link bait (deceptive headlines leading to useless content) and scrapers (sites that try to survive by copying others’ original content), there certainly are gems — true reporters and creators of unique original content — out there. Every Friday, I’ll spotlight a few, including from tips I may get from readers. And most assuredly, I won’t show you anything that looks like gravy (!) — (read on and you’ll understand…)Heck yeah there is more →

Throwback ’72: Corelle’s new True Blue pattern — a riff on 1970s Old Town Blue

Corelle Old Town BlueYup: Corelle. The company knows a rockin’ retro opportunity when it sees one, and recently introduced a new pattern — True Blue — based on its popular 1972 design Old Town Blue. To come up with the new design — carefully researched among several other options — Corelle reversed the original Old Town Pattern (positive became negative), tweaked the scale, and chose a fresh new color. We love the entire project! Yay for 1972! Props to reader Laura, who tipped us to this reissue.  Heck yeah there is more →

15 new mosaic floor tile designs for a retro vintage style bathroom

retro mosaic flooringA hot tip from reader Shawn led us to discover Classic Tile Inc. — an all-new source (to us) for mosaic tile flooring options perfect for a retro-vintage style bathroom. The New York based company offers two retro mosaic floor tile designs in 15 colorways, including some very hard-to-find-elsewhere pastels. And, the price is right: We talked to the sales staff — the price for these tiles is $3.50 – $4 per square foot.Heck yeah there is more →

Cindy waits 28 years for her sunny retro bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel before afterWhen reader Cindy bought her house in 1986, she was not in love with the bathroom. But since it was perfectly functional, she decided it would be fine until she formatted a plan for renovation. 28 years later — yes, 28 YEARS later — after seeing Nanette and Jim’s vintage blue bathroom — and then, Kristen and Paul’s — Cindy finally settled on her plan. Using many of the resources here on Retro Renovation, some vintage finds, and help from her brother-in-law and a few adorable dogs, Cindy created the retro bathroom of her dreams. What a transformation! We love it!Heck yeah there is more →