1. nicole says

    Hi. I just purchased a 1946 revival ranch home in one of Phoenix Historic Districts Downtown. I stumbled on your website and I noticed that my kitchen has the same cabinets as in some of the illustrated pictures from the 1940’s gallery. I want to keep the cabinets because my husband and I are into vintage (he restores old cars) but he thinks that we should update the whole kitchen including new appliances, where I would like to keep the cabinates, add a dual drainboard farmhouse sink from American Standard and add old refurbished 40’s-50’s stove, topped off with a new fridge made to look vintage. While adding a subwaytile backsplash and a formica top. What do you guys suggest? We plan on staying in the house for 10+ years. We do have a vintage/traditional style to all our furniture and stuff. Please help me.

  2. Elvis (aka) Jane says

    Hi nicole,
    I vote with you about keeping the cabinets and adding all of the new/old ideas and fixtures you mentioned. If you do it right, it will be classic, and an easy sell when you are ready to move on. Especially if you’re in an historic district, I would think there are like-minded folks around. Just look through all the resources Pam has assembled here for ideas. But start on the home page: that’s where you’ll see the categories and infomation to help you make all those delightful decisions! Good luck – and have FUN!

  3. James says

    I’m sure this question has been posted before, but I need guidance! Our upstairs bathroom has all of its original pink fixtures: toilet, tub, and sink — plus pink tile throughout.

    While they’re all in good shape, I am having a problem with the water running too much in the toilet. The internal parts are not working well. My plumber says it’s nearly impossible to find the replacement parts. I am hoping someone can help.

    The toilet is an American Standard made in 1948. Its markings inside include 2005 and M48. Does anyone have suggestions for where I can find the internal parts?

  4. James says

    Pam, thanks for the link. I have sent an inquiry to Locke Plumbing. Much appreciated.

  5. bridget says

    Hello all. New to this sight. I bought a house last May and it has a full set of white Lyon 50’s metal cabinets in the kitchen plus about 15 ft. row of bottom cabinets in the laundry room, original to the home and in pretty darn good condition (could probably use a few touch-ups). My taste goes one of two ways…modern contemporary or mission style (yeah, I know strange combo) and since I can’t afford arts/mission, my house is primarily modern. I really like to restore rather than replace though. Refinished all the wood floors, refurbished the built in gas grill and gas light in the back, etc. Although I think the full retro look is cool to look at (Pam your kitchen is amazing), I don’t think I’d want it for my kitchen. I was thinking of preserving the cabinets, doing Corian countertops and white appliances (don’t dig the stainless-too cold and sterile). Floors will be stone/tile (conservative) with a glass mosaic back-splash. Any experience on the combination of modern and retro? I think it will come out pretty cool, but I’m having a bit of trouble visualizing. I’d really like a way to make these work because I respect the quality and craftsmanship that went into making them. Also, anywhere to buy replacement handles, maybe different styles?

  6. pam kueber says

    Hi Bridget – In this post, Garth and Martha have very successfully taken very “retro” Crosley cabinets and used them as part of a very “modern” kitchen. What do you think? Does this help?

    For replacement handles – Go to the Expanding Categories / By Room / Kitchen / Cabinet Hardware — all the kitchen pulls and knob recommendations are archived there.

    By ROOM
    * attic & basement
    * +bathrooms
    o lav faucets
    o lav sinks
    o other stuff like accessories, hardware
    o pink bathrooms
    o shower bases
    o tile
    o toilets
    o tubs
    * bedroom
    * dining room
    * —kitchen
    o cabinet hardware

  7. Rebecca Johnson says

    HELP WITH ID AND INFO OF STOVE: Loving this site and doing a kitchen remodel right now. Could not fulfill my dream of “new” retro cabinets but am aiming to retrify (i just made that up) my existing kitchen by painting the cabinets white, the walls a 50s aqua and finding a good counter top and suitable appliances. I found a Roper gas range online for sale that I’d love to have identified and any info. It looks 70s or maybe late 60s to me. I don’t know how to post a photo so I’ll go to the cabinets forum to do so….

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Rebecca, we don’t do stove-ID here — too big and specific of a topic. One site I suggest you look at:, although there are numerous stove renovation places. There are gazillions of vintage stoves and we see them for sale all the time. I recommend that if you are going to do any restoration – use a pro as there can be asbestos in insulation and when it comes to wiring and thermostats, you want to be safe… these are just a few examples of why you want to know what you are doing.

  8. Donna says

    I am looking for a piece of pink bathroom tile that looks like it has black pepper mixed in. It is from the 1950’s. Any ideas where I may find this? Thanks!

  9. says

    this is for donna aug post pink bathroom tile with black pepper mix try World of Tile on RT 22 west in Springfield New Jersey 973-376 7750 they have all the old colors hope this is of some help they probably ship also mightymojo