• Lots of stories and oodles of photos showing real reader home projects.

    Retro Design Dilemma: Choosing colors for Michaela’s knotty pine kitchen


    Reader Michaela needs no convincing when it comes to loving her knotty pine kitchen — yes, knotty is nice! However, she’s at a loss when it comes to some decorating questions. Smartly, Michaela is starting small by trying to figure out what color to paint the ceiling — bright white? Off white? Beige? She’s also […]

    Dave and Fran’s beautiful, functional black and white tile bathroom remodel — 1930s vintage style


    Story includes all the resources used to create a prewar bathroom inspired by a real time capsule house Ever since readers Dave and Fran bought their 1938 home, they have wanted to fix up their second story bathroom to complement the original architecture of their 1938 home. The bathroom itself was in good condition, but […]

    Cullen’s vintage Dishmaster kitchen faucet — installed


    In 2012, I anointed Cullen Meyer the “Crown Prince of Kitsch,” in amazement at his Brooklyn time capsule apartment, which he has decorated with all manner of vintage wonders. Recently, I saw that he had added a new toy to his playhouse — a circa-1948 Dishmaster faucet — the original hunka hunka. It’s sitting quite […]

    Rebecca’s mid-century bathroom remodel using Nemo tiles — mud set!

    mint green bathroom

    By now most of you are familiar with the stellar job Rebecca and Keith did on their Mad Men kitchen remodel – a kitchen renovation so admired by readers that your votes crowned them winners of our 2013 kitchen “The Hard Way Award.” After completing this kitchen remodel, you’d think it would be time for Rebecca and […]

    Decorating ideas to add light to a dark kitchen — Renee’s Retro Design Dilemma


    Reader Renee loves her 1956 home because of its many mid-century design details such as the walls of windows and exposed brick. What Renee is not loving: the lack of light and the closed off feeling in her mostly original kitchen. She has been pondering how to make the kitchen seem brighter and more open […]

    Sarah’s “super economical” retro kitchen remodel featuring salvaged vintage wood cabinets


    Sarah loved the vintage charm of the original kitchen in her 1950 mid century modest home, but after years of service it was looking tired and worn. An avid cook and writer of the food blog Undercover Caterer, she wanted to maintain the charm — but add function and freshness. too. Starting with vintage cabinets […]

    Jessica decorates her rental kitchen, adding retro charm to the classic linen and white paint palette


    It’s simple but true: Combining white with off-white — be it a soft beige, a yellowy linen, 1960s “bone” or a creamy vanilla — makes for a classic decorating palette that is almost infinitely versatile as well as pleasing to the eye. In today’s story, reader Jessica show us how she took advantage of this […]

    Jenny & Bob’s retro kitchen makeover — Formica Geo with metal edging & more


    Readers Jenny & Bob have lived in their 60 year old home for 13 years. Since the day they moved in, the duo has been lovingly decorating and remodeling, giving the house long overdue TLC. The final room left on their to do list was their tiny vintage kitchen, which had both benefited and suffered […]