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    Gus* Modern revives 1950 Russell Spanner designed chair — with great historical photos, too!

    1950s chair

    Pam had a longtime career in public relations, so she loves it when she gets a great PR pitch — and this is the best we’ve received in a long time. Furniture maker Gus* Modern has just introduced faithful reproductions of vintage Russell Spanner chairs, made in Toronto like the originals. What set this pitch […]

    Which way to tilt horizontal blinds — slats up or down?

    retro renovation pams kitchen

    When we asked readers should toilet paper go on the roll “over” or “under” (as if!), reader Steve was agnostic on the issue. However, he flagged another vexing question — how should the slats of horizontal blinds be adjusted? I asked the experts at Hunter Douglas, and yup, now everything is illuminated. bwah bwah.

    Joybird Furniture — 9 reasons to pay attention to this new ‘manutailer’

    midcentury modern sofa joybird

    New manufacturer+retailer of mid-century modern furniture – made in the USA, made to order Several weeks ago I started noticing ads for Joybird Furniture appearing on the blog… the ads looked intriguing… so I finally took a look at Joybird’s products. I liked what I saw and read, and a few minutes later I was […]

    Improve your home’s energy efficiency step-by-$tep with the Energy-Efficiency Pyramid

    energy efficiency pyramid

    It’s really boring sounding and certainly not sexy, but then, that’s home improvement for ya. In our story yesterday — 12 reasons to own (and love) a mid-century house — I discussed how smaller mid-century houses likely to have a smaller environmental footprint. Their smaller size also can mean lower utility bills. Even so, owners […]

    18 colors for 1960s St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets

    st charles kitchen cabinet brochure

    Today, from my archive of vintage marketing materials: A tri-fold brochure showing the 18 paint colors available for St. Charles steel kitchen cabinets in the 1960s. I will estimate that these kitchen cabinet paint colors are mid-1960s because of the Harvest Gold — which I have seen before in St. Charles cabinets, dated 1966. But, […]

    Where to find vintage- and vintage-style wallpaper murals

    wall mural

    Plus: Wallpaper murals spotted in 10 time capsule houses Trisha writes: Do you remember the ranches with the dining rooms what had the ‘scenes’ of either deer, lapping water from a pond, or Conquistador ships docked at a harbor, or a hand painted scene of a plantation home, etc…? I know this was wallpaper, but I […]

    “Mid-century modern” and “mid-century modest” blur in a house full of vintage Lightolier


    I talk a lot about both “mid-century modern” and “mid-century modest” — but a point I want to underscore with this story — with these photos — is that in mid-century homes, the two styles were often combined. Perhaps better said: These seven vintage lights — all from the same house — show how “pure” […]

    CPSC, Lane Home Furniture urge renewed search for cedar chests: Two recent deaths reported

    lane cedar chest recall

    “… renewed search for cedar chests with lids that automatically latch shut when closed, locking children inside….” Today in its entirety: a U.S. government news release with renewed warnings about vintage “Lane” and “Virginia Maid” brand cedar chests. Thanks to reader Kate, who tipped me to this renewed safety alert. Please read on, for the details: […]