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  1. robert Southerland says

    Hi All: I live in Fort Worth Texas. I want to find parts for a Model 2WS-R Panel Ray wall heater that’s in my utility room at home. Patent in Canada in 1951.

    Any ideas will be welcomes.


  2. Ann says

    Hi: I am trying to recreate a shower enclosure that was in my Grandmas house in southern California, built in 1960. I don’t know the materials used, but as I remember it, there were flowers and leaves in between two layers of glass or plastic. Has anyone seen anything like this?

  3. Nicole says

    I have a stove top and wall oven in “tiffany blue” that is in mint condition and in perfect working order that I am looking to sell. I also have the copper vent and the stove controls as well. All are original from 1960 when my home was built. If anyone knows how I can go about selling I would appreciate some input.

  4. says

    I am wondering if anyone knows if the rangaire heater bathroom fan in figure 113 is available for purchase or if repair parts are available for the one that I own?

  5. Denee Compton says

    I have a 42″ Rangaire vent hood in the kitchen of my 1960’s era split level home. I believe it’s original to the house, and is still in near perfect working order. It’s copper in color, but is discolored and dirty looking. What is the best way to restore it to it’s original color? And is that original color shiny, or a more muted copper?

  6. Janice Bowers says

    I am trying to find the red floral wallpaper that is shown in Betty Francis’ (Draper’s) bathroom on Mad Men. Got any ideas how I could find out this information?

  7. Yvonne Quarles says

    I have 1960s kitchen cabinets and I need more cabinets or the doors. The design is a router cut out oscroll square and some are rectangular with a C cut out at each corner. I know you have pictures of this style whether I describe it right or not. I would like to know where I might find these cabinets or doors?

    • Yvonne Quarles says

      Excuse me for error, it was router cut out or scroll square with a cut out of the square or rectangular shape at each corner.

  8. Jennie Senn says

    Pam, or anyone out here: I am trying to find those swivel sprayers that would attach onto the end of any threaded kitchen faucet. I remember ours from the 1950-60’s era. I think they were rubber ? with metal where the water actually came out. They allowed the housewife to divert the water in different directions as she rinsed the dishes, without having to move the whole faucet arm back and forth.

    Does anyone remember what they were actually called, or know where to find them?

  9. says

    Neat post and thanks for sharing the great photos/drawings.

    I just finished a partial rehab of my 1963 bathroom in my 1922 house. I have the Hall-Mack Coronado fixtures: Towel bars, Soap/Tumbler/Toothbrush Holder, Soap/Washcloth Holder and I left them installed as is. I left the 1 inch white and chrome silver wall tiles on walls and in shower as well. The vanity and cabinets were white and had the same scallop indented corner trim as shown on many of the cabinets in the photos on this post. I would love to find another matching Coronado towel bar as one of them had been replaced by a cheap modern copy and I am planning to just take it out and patch the tiles but if I could find a replacement I would leave it there.

    • says

      Oh and the last thing I did in the rehab was to have the tub professionally refinished since we scratched it. It had been refinished in white in the past and the contractor stripped it back down to the original finish when it was installed in April 1963…. Easter Egg Purple! If I had not already just installed a blue/grey/white marble vanity top, I might have kept the purple! It’s back to white again. Here’s a set of the photos from the remodel. I will have some final photos up soon once I get the mirror up and final trim paint done.

      • Sony says

        Lauren Could you please send us the updated Easter egg purple bathroom pictures with some remodeling ones too. We have a similar bathroom and would like to update or keep it just the way it is.

        • says

          Here’s a link to the photos during the reno and after. The very last photo shows the purple tub.

          I kept the 1963 white and silver wall tile and the tub which I believe was also from ’63, though the house when built in 1922 did have a recessed tub, I think they replaced it in ’63. I took out the soffit that was built above the original tub/shower and above the vanity. Removed the 1963 floor tile including the 6 inches of mortar underneath (4 inches from ’22 and 2 more inches poured in ’63). Removed the vanity and built-in drawers and cabinet where the original closet used to be. I also kept the 1963 Hall Mack Coronado towel bars and soap dishes, and I was able to find two more bars on ebay to replace two that were very pitted. Also left the Coronado swivel toothbrush caddy in the wall.

  10. says

    Hi, I live in Montreal,Quebec. I an a dinette set with 5 tables retro style that need to be adjusted, would you please be kind enough to let me know who in Montreal,Quebec, Canada I can hire to do this work.

    Any help that you can give me would highly be appreciated

    Anna Biason
    tel: 514-489-7073 or

  11. Billie M. says

    Hi.. I am trying to replace one of those round, usually chrome, ceiling heat lamp fixtures… it has three holes for three heat lamp bulbs. Is there any place that I can get them from ? I might just have to paint this one. I have three bathrooms with them in them!

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