1. Nina462 says

    Love the pull down lamps and definatly want one– But where oh where can I get one? Is there a current manufacturer that any one would recommend?

    • candace says

      I see these type of lights and many others at give away prices ($2-$10) at the habitat for humanity restore in Kansas City. You might check to see if City has a restore.

  2. MM says

    I love those silver, bullet shaped, ceiling mount, almost-look-like pendants, light fixtures (2570_1.jpg…. 3-4 are in the pic sitting on a table; 4th column and 4th pic down)! Where can I find them? Who is the manufacturer and are they still sold?

  3. Mad Modern says

    WOW…..I love the cobalt blue shaded one in the middle right!
    Lots of pull-down lamps can be found around here (Chicago)…..they are truly special!

  4. Jennifer says

    Am looking for replacement shade for Lightolier bathroom vanity light. It has three shades, each eight inches long, of heavy almost rock-cut glass. The shades fit up into the fixture on the wall by slipping up under a”lip.” Broke one of the shades and CANNOT find anywhere. Any help would be most appreciated. Not even sure what the vintage is…maybe 70’s? Thank you so much.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jennifer – I think you are looking for a needle in a haystack. The first haystack I’d point you to is: Rejuvenation Lighting in Portland. They also carry salvaged, vintage stock. Maybe the retro decorating gods have your piece right there. Another thought: Lightolier still exists. You might contact them. Good luck.

  5. Jennifer says

    Hi Pam-

    Thank you! I have checked Rejuvination and also w/a Lightolier rep. Also, there’s a fantastic place called Hippo Hardware (fyi) which carries all crazy lighting from every vintage. I’m stumped. Can’t even find anything similar. I appreciate you getting back to me…and I, too, am hoping the retro lighting gods are out there and wll smile on me soon…

    • pam kueber says

      Send me a pic, Jennifer. I’ll try to post it and we’ll see if we can help you. I think I know just what you’re talking about….now I’m curious! retrorenovation [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Jennifer says

    I will! I’m actually in Maui on vacation right now, but as soon as I get back to the Mainland, I will email you a pic. I’m so obsessed, I’m researching on vacation…


  7. Tina Aguilar says

    I have a Moe light #313503 it is a living room light shade and when I took it down to clean I broke 1 of 2 and I need to find a replacement….I can take pic of the good one if someone can help me find a replacement…I rent so I have to replace it. I thank you so very much..


  8. Matt Kinkead says

    We used to have one of those pull down lamps in our kitchen, however mother replaced it cause it was ugly. I think it may still be in our garage. Looks like it’s going to be a Salvage Sunday! haha

  9. pam kueber says

    We have an FAQ on this, or search “diffuser.” Please also know that I am told that these old pull-downs are no longer to code; please consult with a professional about the best path for you to take. Good luck.

  10. Nancy C. says

    If you live in Los Angeles, check out Practical Props in North Hollywood. They have tons of vintage lighting (they sell and rent out props) and will do repairs/rewiring on any vintage fixtures you might find. I love their stuff!

  11. says

    How do you get a photograph in the gallery? I have several vintage light fixtures in this house and my other one, wagon wheel, pull down, flushmount, spotlight fixtures, exterior…that I wouldn’t mind sharing

      • says

        I’ll take some nice pictures today then. I’ll be at my other house in about a month, Habitat For Humanity and this site are big parts of the remodel there

  12. john swenson says

    I am interested in buying some light fixtures from your website. Are they for sale, or are they just to look at?

  13. Mike McKeen says

    Hi Pam,

    I have a pair of the ‘pull down’ style, dining table light fixtures, that need the ‘cloth cord wrap’ replaced and possibly some work on the ‘retractor’ mechanism

    I am near Denver CO without a source for a repair shop or parts

    Do you have suggestions on anexperienced individual who can repair these ‘unusual’ lamps?

    Many thanks!

    Lakewood CO

  14. Lane says

    Were can I get replacement parts for the pull down kitchen light fixtures? I have two that need new pulleys and wire. They are very nice looking. Please let me know, thank you.

    • pam kueber says

      Lane, it is my understanding that these lights are no longer to code. Please consult with a licensed professional…

  15. Lane says

    I did and they loved them only thing is that I can not find the pulleys. He can rewire it but without a proper pulley it just sits and is in pristine condition.

  16. Debra says

    Want some pull down lamps?? I have three (2 matching.) You can post here if you want to connect with me in Louisiana

  17. Jeannie Collins says

    I have a question about picture 171 and 172. I have this light fixture and have been searching and searching for info about it. I would love to know the maker and possibly the year. Any help would be much appreciated!!

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Jeannie, I’m not sure, although I have seen this light come up for sale now and then. Big names in vintage lighting: Virden, Moe, Progress, Imperialite. Type these words (separately) in the Search box on this site (up in the navigation area) to get to my various stories — including catalogs. Also see Catalogs/Lighting. You might be able to find it. Beautiful light!

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