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It’s the rare blogger who is going to make a name — or living — for themselves by blogging about this, that & the other. The bigger opportunity: Knowing so much… learning so much… and sharing so much about a specific topic that you become the internet expert — the “go to” person or resource. Blog “success” — traffic, community and maybe even real money and a bit of celebrity — follow, when you are differentiated from the pack and bring consumers solutions that they cannot find anywhere else on the web. 

Come to my Roundtable, 9 a.m. Friday morning at Alt, to learn more about my blog, and what I’ve learned over the past 4 years as I’ve built a little media wonderland that today: 

  1. Reaches more than 1 million unique visitors annually, with 4.6 million pageviews and a Page Rank of 5.
  2. Was among 6 finalists and finished #4 as best home design blog in Apartment Therapy’s “Homies” awards in 2010.
  3. Is increasingly quoted as an expert in other media. See this recent feature by the New York Times, which included my microsite and a boatload of my readers.
  4. Actually makes real money.
  5. Is helping me to build valuable, first-hand experience and skills that are highly marketable in today’s evolving media world.
  6. Is a constant source of joy. Like, I’m really helping people.

The Roundtable format at Alt is intended to be give-and-take. If you have questions, bring them! Meanwhile, here are some of the things I’ll be talking about to get things started:

  1. Think Like a Marketer: What is a niche blog — and how do you find yours?
  2. Own Your Beat Like a Journalist: Why I believe true excellence requires you go beyond mere “curation”.
  3. Trust and Authenticity:  Watchwords that enable community. 
  4. You’re a Geek Girl Now: Design, technology and expanding your reach through social media.
  5. Reality Check: Making money and “blogging with the Buddha.”

A little bit more about me and my background:

  • 17 years in corporate communications with Ford Motor Company, including as Vice President, Communications, Ford of Canada.
  • VP, Communications, for a public company in the media and marketing industry, 2+ years. 
  • Today, I also continue to work as a freelance corporate communications writer for a large global corporation.

Leave a Comment or email me if you have any questions or suggestions in advance. Hope to see you at Alt.


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  1. says

    Hi pam!
    This all sounds really great….

    I’m a fellow round table panelist, otherwise I would totally be grabbing a seat at your session. Looking forward to meeting you!

    : )

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