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  1. Annie B. says

    I purchased “Populuxe” earlier this year after reading Pam’s recommendation of it. It’s a book to savor for anyone interested in MCM on any level. It’s my constant bedside companion, right threre and ready for those times when I want to indulge in healthy regression to my favorite era.

    Order up, folks. These books are great! I want to own them all.

  2. Angel Pickering says

    Dear Pam and readers,

    My name is Angel and I need some advice. My husband and I are in the last stages of cleaning out my in-laws house and in the early stages of making it livable. We will be moving in to care for them when we are done.

    To my joy and sheer, shrieking delight, when we got the upstairs bathroom door open and got the stuff out, there it was….the most beautiful sight, A PINK BATHROOM!! Because it had been full o’ stuff for 20+ yrs, it is in almost perfect condition. I’d like to share some photos of the pink and green tiled walls and floor along with the pink fixtures so you and your readers can share some ideas with me. The downstairs bathroom is a carbon copy of the pink bathroom, but with maroon and gray tile. How can I share photos?

    Thanks to everyone for honoring the pink bathroom!

  3. sumi says

    I am trying to paint exterior brick walls of a four family historic home with brown metal frame windows and red brick red shingles. I painted the trim on th ewalls and window trim with earthtone brown so it will match with the window metal frame ( and it does match perfectly but that brown looks ugly) and yellow for walls. it looks really bad and I have spent top dollors and time fixing this . Can I send photos and if so how do i send them? i really need some advice on this

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