The World According to Pam

Golly, it’s fun to have your own blog where you can say just whatever you want. Here are stories in which I seek to be *wise*. Take it with a ginormous grain of salt, okay?


  1. PRUDY says

    I am just a little house on the prairie gal, and would love to redo my galley kitchen, retro with farm sink and gray/green cupboards. So small you can’t open oven door and dishwasher same time and stand between then (115# – 5′ tall) so you see I am not a big girl. Can I somehow send picture of my teeny tiny galley kitchen, have a great size dinning area………if I fully extend my table, position it catty-wumpus in my eating area, I can seat 10, 2 in my kitchen is a crowd.
    HELP! me if you can.

  2. Dennis Panico says

    Dear Pam, I was referred to you by World Of Tile about possibly finding a Formica or maybe Wilsonart piece to redo just the top of my vanity. It was basically a sky blue with gold dots…..circa 60/70 from what the tile I bought was from…….Is there any way of finding out if this exists? I am trying to keep it vintage and bought the blue tiles, tub, & wall soap dishes from them…….be nice to refinish just the top of the vanity…..please recommend if possible if available anywhere….Thank you, Dennis

    • pam kueber says

      Nope, no glitter laminate anywhere that we know of unless you find it vintage. See my category: Kitchens / Countertops for all possible substitutions available in the market today. Good luck.

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