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    1. Donna Lydon says:

      How do I contact Mac the Antique Plumber for a hudee ring?

    2. Richard Paquette, Jr. says:

      I own a brand new never installed, http://retrorenovation.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/lavanette-3.jpg in green with EVERYTHING, that came with It is brand new. I have no knowledge off this retro stuff could someone fill me in about what I have. Towel rack wrapped in paper also.

      • pam kueber says:

        hey @ richard, i sent you an email asking you to send me a pic. i’ve seen one of these NOS before, will be interested to see what you hve and to hear you story…

    3. Brian Askew says:

      Hi, I just scored a lavender tub, toilet, and sink made in 1963. There is no maker’s name on any of them, just the dates and a clock pointing to 6, which indicates color, I think. The toilet has only 2 bolts to attach it to the floor (I got the bolt covers, also!). Is there any way to identify the maker? I’d love to get a toilet seat to match, and some tiles. Thanks!

      • I don’t know the answer to this one… See my bathrooms category for toilet seat suppliers in vintage colors… For tile, I’d start with World of Tile but also check B&W – they have a lilac. In general, re tiles, scope all the possibilities including big name manufacturers, because new colors are always being introduced – I do not keep up day-to-day with them…

    4. Kelly Enders says:

      I scored a fantastic never used 7 pc. +vintage set of bathroom accesories in pink with black speckles…I found your site and am trying to figure out how to upload my craigslist…I guess I am just not that techy…trying to see how I can post them here…any help as to what step I am missing?

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