Vintage style kitchen drainboard sinks

youngstown metal kitchen sink

In response to Friday’s post on the patriotic 40s kitchen, Josh writes: I’m in love with that sink. Do they still make any like that? Heck yeah there is more →

Retro kitchens in the news

A revival for mid-century kitchen designs? Yes, the industry arbiter Kitchen and Bath Business made us official in this recent story for their online magazine. (And yes, there’s that kitchen, again.) This publication tracks news and trends for designers, architects and others in the residential kitchen and bath market. A very well-done story by Ellen Sturm Niz.

Back to the Future
Check out what retro ideas are making a comeback in today’s kitchen designs
By Ellen Sturm Niz

Jackie O. sunglasses, groovy bell bottoms, pastel polo shirts with the collar turned up…clothing fashion styles tend to repeat themselves, and the same is true in interior design. Whether it’s a new generation exploring a style they haven’t yet personally experienced or an older generation seeking the comfort of nostalgia, retro interior design is becoming increasingly popular—especially in kitchens.

Read the whole story — a really good one — here…

1960s inspiration kitchens

Speedway Ron is on the lookout for ideas for really terrific 60s kitchen designs, so we will be on the lookout, too. My goodness, these are chock full of ideas!!! Ad:Vintage Hotpoint.

These designs today showcase some of what was going on about 15 years into the postwar era. Ad: Texboro

Click thru for 5 kitchens in all, along with a little primer…. Heck yeah there is more →

Retro kitchen: An off-the-floor dishwasher for Sleeping Bee Alice

Zeinab found this really cool off-the-floor dishwasher about Sleeping Bee Alice’s retro dream. From looking at the Fagor website, I think the d/w also can be installed as part of this neat $1,199 cooking center.

And there’s a cool cooktop center, too. Not sure whether it really fits my retro rubric, but I like the concept.

Zeinab writes:

Dear Pam,

First of all let me thank you on your wonderful blog. Second ,I saw your post from couple of weeks about the wall-mounted dishwasher , I found this and I though that your reader can be interested. Please keep it up.


Thanks, Zeinab! This company actually has some cool stuff, including a 24″ fridge that can be turned into a nice big side by side as well.

U.K. and European readers: Where to find English Rose steel cabinets

Forum reader U.K. Alison asked if someone could help her ship vintage steel cabinets overseas, so I made sure she knew about English Rose cabinets first. Heck yeah there is more →

Retro kitchen sink with light attached – today’s ebay pick

I saw a sink like this once in a magazine – but this is the first time I’ve seen one live. Yes, that is a LIGHT connected to and running horizontally along the sink! The seller says that it works perfectly. How cool. I presume the covering over the light itself is impervious to water.