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  1. bruce says

    Hi. I’m looking for a green crane 1950’s toilet (with seat)….preferably elongated toilet, if possible. Thanks.

    • pam kueber says

      bruce, see all our research in Bathroom Help / Toilets category.

      Note, the first place I would try is, they specialize in Crane.

    • Tom says

      I’m sorry that I can’t help with the previous posts. I’m looking for AVCO American Kitchens “Brunch Bar”. It finishes a run of their steel cabinets and runs perpendicular into the room to sit at with stools.

  2. says

    Seeking replacement metal legs for MCM wall-mounted sinks? They have a spring-load mechanism I believe. Could also use the towel bar that traditionally accompanied them. Renovating 8 rental units with a mixture of pink, yellow and tan bathrooms. Thanks for any help!

  3. Jeanie Stewart says

    Hi everyone, i am looking for a lavender bathtub, toilet, sink….. plus tiles,towel bar, toilet paper holder and soap dish…….
    thanks, Jeanie Stewart

    • pam kueber says

      Jeanie, You are likely to find this in a salvage place — search them out, especially in your region, as shipping is going to be expensive.

      You can also start watching craigslist like a hawk, use a site like SearchTempest to extend your search geographically.

      For tile: See our stories on B&W Tile, I believe they have a lavendar.

      Ceramic accessories: We also have stories on where to get these.

      All of these stories are in our Bathroom Help Category under their relavant subcategories. Or use the Search box, it works very well too.

  4. Georgeanne Olive says

    I am looking for approximately 16′ x 20′ of sculpted 70’s style wall to wall carpet in a dark earth tone. It is for a film being shot in Atlanta and I need it very quickly.

  5. Stephen Jones says

    I’m looking for bathroom chalkware wall “art”. Know of any good sources?

    Great site, thanks for the hard work.

  6. Carolyn says

    I would like to know where you fond the vintage elves I have been looking for them in thrift stores and other places and never can find them. We had these pn our christmas tree when I was a kid and would like to purchase some. Thanks for any help

    • pam kueber says

      I find mine vintage…

      Note, a company is making these new again — they are a bit larger in scale. I see them at Michael’s every year.

  7. Lori says

    I am looking for a pink toilet and pink sink, self rimming sink. I found one pink (new) toilet left at a website, but it would cost $550 plus $150 to ship it to me, plus a plumber. I feel like a fool spending $700 for a toilet that would only cost $200 if it was white. Does anyone know of places that sell pink toilets or sinks that are really pink, like the 1950’s pink, not beige with a touch of pink, like Home Depot has?

  8. Glori Euwer says

    I am looking for some vintage hardware 12″x12″ fingerblock Tongue-In-Groove hardwood parquet flooring from about 1978. I have pictures of the last unopened package. Can you help me find this or similar package to match my existing flooring in my unfinshed greatroom. I currently have 2/3 hardwood parquet & 1/3 carpet. I need 48 sq ft to finish the room. the last package says Standard Brands Hardwood Parquet Flooring pattern/color TNG-412fingerNatural800 from Thailand.

    • pam kueber says

      Glori, I am guessing this will be tough. Consult with the companies mentioned in our Fingerblock Parquet story…

    • Kate says

      We don’t sell anything here Bruce. You can search our website for all our stories on carpet and click links in the story to find out more. Good luck!

  9. Eve Thompson says

    Hi- I’m wondering if you know of anyone reproducing Eva Zeisel’s Belly Button Room Dividers? I’d love to buy one.

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Eliza,

      Thanks for asking but my advice: Head to our Kitchen Help / Flooring category and start digging in at the options we have found.

      Note also that vintage nastiness such as lead and asbestos can be found in the materials and layers of our vintage houses. Get with your own properly licensed professionals to assess what you have so that you can make informed decisions.

  10. Beth says

    I own a 1959 camper that needs a new floor. I’m looking for retro peel and stick vinyl tiles or linoleum tiles but the big box stores do not have the look I want. Recommendations for a source? Thx. Beth.

    • pam kueber says

      Beth, looking into our categories helps with questions like this. See our category Kitchen Help/Flooring — we have lots of stories about flooring alternatives.

  11. Diana james says

    I need 24 ” White Round towel bar replacements for my round porcelain towel bar ends. Vintage 100 years old!
    Everyone has square bar replacements!
    What to do?

    • pam kueber says

      I don’t know the answer to this one if it is not already in the identified resources…

      Start hunting down vintage?

  12. says

    I am looking for pink tile that I am remodeling. Its a old house. Where I live in FW Texas they dont have pink vintage tile anywhere to match the pink tile thats in the shower walls. Where can I find old tile?

  13. David P Chiordi says

    I am looking for 1960’s lino, for a kitchen vintage 1960,s home that was featured in Palm Springs life Magazine.
    Does anyone know were to find it ?

  14. Nora Chavez says

    I’m looking for door handles for my sliding glass doors. In the process of purchasing a mid century modern home with three sliding glass outdoors. Each is missing the actual door pull which looks like it’s lucite with glitter. Any ideas? Can’t even find a photo of one on the internet. Where can I post my photo to show everyone what I’m looking for?

    • pam kueber says

      Hi Nora, I don’t know where to find such items. If you want to send me a pic, I could consider a story. Use the contact box at the bottom of the blog to get connected then I can tell you where to send photos. Thanks!

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