Retro fireplaces, from Malm – I can’t believe they still make these!

These are fabulous beyond belief — I am blown away that they still make these great, cone fireplaces! Okay, we’re now into 60s style…but I think one of these Malm Fireplaces will look great on the screen porch we’re planning out back. Alternatively: In the attic, when we get around to finishing off the space as an all purpose open space for yoga, reading, my daughter’s sleepovers and a spare guest room.

You can find cheaper versions of these, originals, on eBay. A company called “Preway” also made them, including in the famous orange. But, I think that buying this classic design but new is a great idea – including going with the gas logs!

url: malmfireplaces.com

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  2. karmi_woolfe says:

    Last time I was in “Suite Lorain” in Cleveland, they had two of these (like in the first picture). One was red, and one was blue, and I sure don’t remember the price because i wasn’t really looking to buy…just no way to use one of these in my place. I really think you all need to come to NE Ohio for a field trip!!!

  3. Mariellen DeFelice says:

    I have a free standing fireplace that was origionally orange but it had some chips in it so we painted it with fire paint (black)
    Now the screen which we have repeared at least a dozen times over the last 16 years is really on its last leg. Can anyone help? This is believed to be the origional screen but I’m really not sure. I’m looking to buy a new one but I would also be interested in knowing if this fire lace is still being made. Can anyone help me?

  4. Jennifer Morrison says:

    I have a Malm myself and my question is posted here (how to paint my Malm). I too will need a new screen. I went to local fireplace/outdoor furniture businesses and found one that will have it! Look around town. If not you can check out Fireplace and Verandah Orlando, FL.

  5. christine says:

    i am deliberating between buying a Malm Zircon (or fire drum if we can afford it) vs a “traditional” wood burning stove. I want this look as it will go with the style of my house but it needs to be reliable or at least put out a good source of heat (in case power goes out) and not just be a “cozy” bun warmer. Anyone know how much btu or how big of a house it can heat. Efficiency is possibly the deciding factor, as much as it pains me cause I have drooled over these for a couple of years. Also, if it draw heat out of the house?

  6. Beef Booze says:

    My grandfather had one in his florida room back in the 70’s. He replaced it with a wood burning stove that put out a LOT MORE heat. He was an old cowboy and liked his old fashion stoves to cook coffee on. I found the old orange fireplace out in his barn back in 2000. It was in good shape with a few small rustholes and no smoke stack. I used it on my patio as a retro outdoor chimney. It went nicely with my Tiki / Modern backyard theme. Everyone loved seeing it at our house partys. As it got older and rusty-ier (I had toddlers running around it’s rusty edges)…I gave it to a cool rock-a-billy neighbor of mine for his yard. I do miss it.

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