50s bathroom tile from Stephan’s Palm Springs groove pad — up for grabs!

Vintage 50s tile

Proving that RetroRenovators are not so uptight that we have to keep EVERYTHING that was original to the house, Palm Springs Stephan has begun his bathroom gut job, and offers up these treasures – free to anyone who wants to pay the shipping, or come ‘n get ’em:

I have 185 of the 4×4 mottled green tiles, which should cover 23 square feet. Enough for a large backsplash, I suppose.

I also have 17 of the 6″ plain green large bullnose edge tiles, enough to create a 102 inch run.

They are free to whoever wants them. Just pay shipping. UPS would probably be cheapest, since they are heavy, 35-50 lbs.

Malm fireplaceThank you, Stephan, and good luck now that you’re in your Tony Curtis condo! I’m sorry you didn’t win the Useless but Wonderful contest for the Kurl Katchers. Are you over the disappointment yet?

Some other ideas on how to use the tiles: How about a groovy surround or base for a retro Malm fireplace? Or…use the mottled green 4x4s as a line of trim tile in a white bathroom… Or, a tabletop.

  1. Brodie says:


    I am sure I am too late in replying to this post, but I am desperate. I actually have a unit in the same complex that Stephan does and need the exact time that he was selling so many years ago (his unit and my unit have the same original green mottled tile). Any chance any is still for sale? A plumber damaged my original tile and I want to replace it with the same, which Stephan had and was selling long ago!

  2. Mark C says:


    Is the tile still available. I live in So Cal and can drive out to pick up the tile, if still up for grabs!



  3. Nanci Conniff says:

    I am looking for tiles similar to those shown above. I am restoring and adding on to an older bathroom. If there are any more like that I would love to hear more.
    Thanks, Nanci

  4. 50sPam says:

    That’s great, Tamara! I’ve sent Stephan your email address so you two can make arrangement for the tiles’ new home. And, I want to hear all about the house you are buying in New York!

  5. Tamara says:

    I would love to have the tiles you are offering! My daughter lives an hour away in Sun City and I will get a hold of her to go pick them up for me if that is okay with you.
    I am purchasing an older home in New York that needs complete refurbishing and I am planning on a visit to California in the near future so this would be great!

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