So… this is my 500th post. So… I looked back, and it was fun! But boy, it was also exhausting. As many readers have noted, “it must take hours.” Yup. I’m kind of obsessed, but doing the blog makes me very very happy. And, it’s been truly amazing how this social networking stuff works – I feel like I’ve met so many kindred souls.

Heading forward, I of course have more ideas. I’ve started linking back to “classic” posts in the sidebars. I love getting reader questions, and featuring your retro renovation stories. I have, like, 20 of these backed up! And maybe I’ll get to vintage stoves some time soon, ironically, they were my first retro love and I still have not touched the topic. Let me know what you want more of — and I’ll try to deliver! 🙂

So here are some of my favorite posts:

Palm Springs Stephan was my first true reader-friend:

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Judi’s neighborhood:

Femme1’s useless but wonderful eyebrowers:

Ellen’s parents:

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My mom’s hometown, Shenandoah, Pennsylvania:

Dana resists her friends’ intervention:

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Alice’s wallpaper:

Portland Amy’s wallpaper:

New-old stock:

And Colonial-Modern everything!

…And this is just the start!

  1. christa wilson says:

    Hi Pam,

    Congratulations on your 500th post! I love your blog, I just started reading it a few weeks ago. I stumbled upon while looking for an old cast iron sink for my mom. Keep up the good work – It’s so much fun to come and read your posts everyday!


  2. Femme1 says:

    Pam, as I’ve told you several times, you do SUCH a wonderful job with this blog. It is a bit funny, I feel like I know you and and the people who post here. We’re all in this renovation thing together—celebrating with each other when we’ve made a great retro find, when we’ve matched the perfect wallpaper, when we come upon a pink sink at a garage sale. And I really appreciate your sharing your expertise with us (and I think you should look around for a book deal, like you don’t already have enough to do).

  3. Sumac Sue says:

    Congratulations Pam, on your 500th post. I hope you celebrated with a party in the rumpus room — something with a retro feel to it. Like other readers, I feel a personal connection to your site — visiting here every day helped me work through some jumbled emotions I felt after we moved into our ranch last year. Thanks to you, I was able to shake off the depression I was brewing up regarding some of the problems our house has, such as, the tiniest bathrooms ever, and begin thinking of this house as a special place.

    I also want to extend a thank you to fellow readers like Palm Springs Stephan, Femme 1, Ronn Ives, Sebastian from Canada, Madison Sarah, Amy, Jane, Jason, and many others who have shared their homes, hopes, ideas, and questions with the rest of us. What I love the most about their contributions is how it shows that this site, and the topic of retro renovations, appeals to such a wide range of people throughout the country — other countries too! — with different income levels, tastes, and so many different styles of homes!

    Thanks again, Pam, for providing us with this great place to share, learn, and have fun.

  4. Alice says:

    Congratulations! I’m very appreciative of the information shared and in particular your thoughtfulness in responses. Your site has opened an entirely new world to me!

    Here’s to another 500 posts!


  5. madison sarah says:


    I hope you realize the impact you are having on everyone who visits your site! In my case, you helped me make peace with a change in circumstances that is forcing me to move from a coveted downtown area where the houses are old and grand to a more modest neighborhood full of simple ’40s, ’50s and ’60s homes. Now when I see a plain ranch with colonial-style shutters and a weathervane on the garage, I understand the optimism and nod to the past that went into its design. When I come across dated basements with wood-grain paneling and built-in bars (remember, this is Wisconsin–there are a lot of them!), I see a simpler time when it was OK to invite guests “underground” for parties. (Who would let visitors even see their basement anymore?!) And when I see older people working in their gardens or (another Wisconsin thing) sitting on cheap aluminum lawn chairs in their open garages, I understand that they are still living the dreams that started when they bought their “new” houses as young couples. I’ve learned a big lesson from all your postings–that it’s OK to want life to be easy and uncomplicated and unpretentious. And that we may as well start with the homes we live in.

    I am sure I speak for many of your loyal followers when I say THANK YOU! I can’t wait for the next 500 postings.


  6. Palm Springs Stephan says:

    Thanks Pam, I’m honored. And you’ve been a great help as I struggle to get my 1958 Tony Curtis condo back to its 1958 look. I’m still working on it, but the end of Phase One is in sight. I’m looking forward to 500 more of your posts!

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