Is there a good Heywood Wakefield refinisher in Portland or Washington?

I thought this may be a great place to ask if anyone knows of a professional refinisher with experience with Heywood-Wakefield pieces? I just bought a lot of 9 and one piece needs some attention. Do you know of anyone in the Portland or Washington area who knows this stuff? I figure someone out there has got to have some experience with this without convincing someone from the east coast to fly out here!! Thanks so much for any information you may have!

Kara in Portland

Thanks, Kara, for your question. I know that there are a number of regular readers in Portland and Seattle. Can anyone help Kara with her question? And Palm Springs Stephan – you seem to know tons about this subject – any advice? Many thanks, all! P.S. 

  1. Nancy B says:

    Hellos from Seattle. I realize this is an older thread, but does anyone know of a good Heywood Wakefield refinisher in the Seattle area?

  2. Carol says:


    I first sent this to another person who asked for the name of the refinisher in Denver but then realized it may be better to send the question to the general group. It’s tempting to do it ourselves, but having done one small project refinish a couple of years ago, it takes tons of patience.


  3. fraujoolie says:

    I have found a *wonderful* HW refinisher in Los Angeles. My husband ruined my beautiful 1938 highboy with some hand sanitizer… many tears later… I called around to some reputable dealers out here and found Salvatore at Valencia’s Kitchen Cabinets. He’s been refinishing HW for 20 years he says, and he did beautiful work on my highboy, nightstands, and buffet. He is not cheap, but good work never is. To me, it was worth the investment. He’s in Baldwin Park, but will pick up around the area. (323) 493-7335

    I’m moving up to PDX, and hoping to find some good luck with Old Friends, Inc (hoping these old friends are still around!), as I have a dining set that’s seen better days. I’m hesitant to refinish it myself (no matter how easy you all say it is, I can’t imagine refinishing 6 dogbone chairs and a giant dining table would be easy).

    So… does anyone have suggestions on fabrics (and source?) for reupholstering the chairs?

  4. Sara in WA says:

    There is a great refinisher in Vancouver WA. I’ve used them a few times. Not cheap but you won’t be disappointed in the least. It’s called “Old Friends, Inc.” and is kinda hard to find off Andresen. They really are the best around. You wouldn’t believe my before and after pieces they’ve done. I’d cross the bridge from Portland too if need be. Worth it.

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