How to update the 1964 bathrooms at Amy and Gary’s house?

How to update these two 1964 bathrooms in Sumac Sue’s Lexington, Kentucky, neighborhood?

When Judi, my sister Jenni and toured last week, owners Amy and Gary were all for “gut jobs” – but then they heard more about the retro renovation crowd and said they would certainly consider our suggestions.

To be sure, Amy and Gary have a lot of love for the home – they are a young family and will make lots of memories here. Amy also shows talent as a decorator and her eyes light up when she talks about feathering her nest.

Readers – what do you recommend? I’m going to let you start before I weigh in.

In regard to the photos I will add: The hall bathroom looks like it took more wear over the years than the master bath, which is in pretty good shape. My sister Jenni – an amused and highly entertained novice to all this madness – said she’d rip out the aqua tub in a heartbeat just because it looked beat.

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