How to update the 1964 bathrooms at Amy and Gary’s house?

How to update these two 1964 bathrooms in Sumac Sue’s Lexington, Kentucky, neighborhood?

When Judi, my sister Jenni and toured last week, owners Amy and Gary were all for “gut jobs” – but then they heard more about the retro renovation crowd and said they would certainly consider our suggestions.

To be sure, Amy and Gary have a lot of love for the home – they are a young family and will make lots of memories here. Amy also shows talent as a decorator and her eyes light up when she talks about feathering her nest.

Readers – what do you recommend? I’m going to let you start before I weigh in.

In regard to the photos I will add: The hall bathroom looks like it took more wear over the years than the master bath, which is in pretty good shape. My sister Jenni – an amused and highly entertained novice to all this madness – said she’d rip out the aqua tub in a heartbeat just because it looked beat.

  1. Alice says:

    I’m not sure I see anything wrong with the aqua bath…maybe a little fresh caulking around the tub, some matching organizers for the bath products, and matching shower curtain and rugs would be a finishing touch. Also, it looks like a perfect space to do a cool and fun wallpaper. That liner tile is awesome and I’m with you Pam…love the toilet! 🙂 Nice cats too!

    I think their plans to cover the VCT tile is probably a good one although a red floor could be a lot of fun!

    Good luck, have fun and by all means preserve what you can!

  2. Sara says:

    On the tiny tub what about another outer shower curtain on a tension rod in a retro print to hide it a bit and give the bathroom something fun to focus on rather on “hmmm, that’s a small tub, or is a shower?” feeling. Maybe something matching at the window? I can see a fairly light print maybe with a white background. Also I can see white fluffy rugs on the floor. What about the ones from Penny’s with the scroll design? If the tub in the hall bath has seen better days don’t rip it out! Tub refinishers can work magic. We’ve had it done on a “flip” house and it looked fantastic! Be sure to be out of the house for a day as the smell is nasty. Looking forward to hearing others thoughts.

  3. sumacsue says:

    I think these bathrooms, particularly the master bath, are calling out for some black accessories — towels, etc. Also, I like Alice’s idea about wallpaper. There are some great bathroom wallpapers at secondhand rose, of course.


    I like the idea of F-147 for the hallway bathroom, but F-42, with the horses, would be fun for Lexington. Then for the master bath, I like the drama of F-122C, with the little touch of orange, but the green in it might not be aqua enough. There are several with pink/gray/aqua combos that are really nice too, such as F-90 and F-132. (One of these days, I need to get serious about wallpaper for my own house…)

    In Lexington, a nice wallpaper store with helpful people is Perspectives, on Longview Drive in the Southland shopping area.

  4. NorthsideCJ says:

    These look like very fun bathrooms, I’m especially fond of the aqua-tiled master bath with the white fixtures, I hope they decide to keep it. Were it mine I would most likely contemplate adding black radiused 2×6 trim tile. They could opt for a geometric/retro shower curtain with brown/aqua/teal accent colors. Or they could possibly paint the walls a more contrasting color than the white. I also have a soft spot for those red VCT tiles.

  5. David Bergman says:

    We are looking for a turquoise sink for our powder room. Dimensions are 21″ X 13″ Drop-In. Any information would be appreciated.

  6. loumeigs says:

    Okay, I think all the repair ideas are great. But no one mentioned when we were invited to come over with our rollerskates and play in the basement on that great red tile!!! How rude!

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