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How should Mandi decorate her 1956 bathroom with its peach and salmon tile? She has asked for our ideas. Wow, this is a wonderful color that we don’t see it all that often. To get started – you know what I will recommend: some vintage wallpaper – and there are some beautiful choices available. Mandi also shows us some photos of her vintage kitchen, which is in great shape. And very Florida: Terrazzo floors — in the living room and bathroom. Wow!

mandis-kitchen-225.jpgMandi writes:

We live in St. Petersburg, Florida in a 1956 2/1/1 mid-century bungalow with beautiful cove ceilings and original terrazzo floors. We are still in the process of decorating and rehabing the house, but were really lucky to find it in such good condition. Everything in the house is as original as the day it was built (except for the kitchen appliances and toilet/sink unfortunately) and we plan to keep it that way. We just love your website and really appreciate all of the work you do keeping it updated!

Here are some pictures of my pink/mauve bathroom. As you can see, we are in desperate need of storage space! My husband and I are considering replacing the pedestal sink (since it isn’t original anyway) with a vanity with cabinets for extra storage. What kind of medicine cabinet should we get that makes a statement yet is still functional w/ storage space? I want to hang shelves on the wall above the toilet as well for, you guessed it, more storage! I have ideas, but need a cohesive vision to put it all together. I’m also looking for an accent color to complement the pink. Don’t you love the peachy-pink tub?!?!

mandisI’m also including a couple of pictures of my kitchen. We gave the walls and cabinet a fresh coat of paint and they look awesome! We were able to clean up and reuse the original chrome hardware as well–I was the most excited about that! There is also a picture of an awesome 1950’s coffee set that my grandmother found at an auction and sent to me. Isn’t it so cool??!

Attached is a photo of our living room before we moved in. You can see the terrazzo floor here and its the same throughout the entire house. This picture was taken the night we refinished them (as you can tell by the tired look on my husband’s face!). You can also see our beautiful cove ceilings in the living room! I can also send you a picture of the floor in the bathroom; its the same floor but looks like a slightly different color with the pink reflection from the bathroom tile.

Yes, the mirror cabinet in the bathroom is original and it does have sliding doors with storage. I haven’t been able to really clean it up well–is there a product you recommend to bring the shine back to the chrome around the glass?



Some suggestions:



  • You know I always will recommend wallpaper. Here are three ideas to get you started. Depending on the look you want: (1) vintage sweetness from Hannah’s Treasures… (2) deco flair from Bradbury.com or (3) luxuriant flamingos from Thibaut.


  • I’d agree: A vanity could go in quite nicely – and you have the space. Alternatively: Why don’t you look for one of these 1959 American Standard sinks – which also originally came on a vanity on high legs, or on chrome legs – here it is in a room view, in green. They are around – I found the sink above at a Re-Store, and scathing jane recently spotted the vanity on craigslist. The thing with small bathrooms like this, Mandi, is that they always look better with legs (not fullscale vanities) — if you can get in control of your storage issues.
  • How about a pleated shade for your window?
  • And for other storage ideas – be sure to see this post.
  • And as for the chrome on your medicine cabinet – readers, help!
  • Readers: What else!?

Mandi, what a great job you and your (very hard-working, hunky) husband are doing! Your house certainly found the right owners!

  1. DEE says:

    I have those tiles. Some of my family members ask why do keep them. They are in wonderful very shiney. I also have that black tile along the top of it. Its pretty nice.

  2. Christine says:

    We have a 1960’s rancher with the same exact time (peach and salmon – they look like flesh tones to me). Since most of our house was modernized before we purchased, we needed to find a way to make our outdated, but lovely, master bathroom more current. Our bathroom is much smaller than yours. At first we tried horizontal stripes loosely matched to the time colors, then a copper orange, but finally settled on Benjamin Moore’s Caponata – a deep aubergine/plum/raisin/ eggplant color. For us it was about making it more transitional and less vintage, because of the updates in the rest of the home.

    That said, being from Baktimore, I love the flamingo wallpaper! That would be my choice.

  3. Kim Hommel says:

    I have the same color tile in my 1963 bathroom and love it! However, I have some damaged tiles I need to replace. Does anyone know where I can find the peach 4×4 tiles? I need about 30 of them! HELP

    1. Erin says:

      Did you ever find the peach tiles? I have the same color, but need the hexagons to re-do the floor. I’m having a terrible time finding anything at any of the listed resources!

      1. pam kueber says:

        Hi Erin, this story is… 11 years old. I’ll point again to the overview research story. The vintage sellers may be your best bet… Good luck.

  4. Marcia in Chicago says:

    I have a similar bathroom – same peach tile – in my ’39-er and could not agree more that a vanity is not the way to go unless it’s in place and was custom built with the house. For storage (badly needed in my bathroom, too), I had a large cabinet (perimeter of 34″ high by 30″ wide) built (recessed) into the wall. The dimensions were designed around cabinet doors (with lites) that I found in a vintage parts place so I started with the doors. I now have four 5″ deep shelves, each almost 30″ wide, that I did not have before. The cabinet looks like it was always there. Do consider a recessed cabinet. Something sitting on the wall looks like an expedient add-on, imho.

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