Just a reminder, on rare occasions I delete comments. I do this when (1) they break our rule about civility. No dissing on someone else’s choices. No ranting, even about TV home shows that trash pink bathrooms. Thanks to the vast majority of readers – 99.99% – who continue to join in the conversation with a spirit of appreciation for the many choices that we all lovingly put into our homes. And (2), No selling please.

And no requests for pricing. I delete a lot of these actually. Fast and with no emails back telling you (too many for me to email each time, sorry). If I allowed selling – it would be chaos. I appreciate everyone who is trying to ensure that salvage items are passed on to a new home — and thanks for stopping here, you’ve found a receptive audience. But please — post your sale items on the Forum… In addition to the main focus, vintage metal kitchen cabinets, there’s a lot of action on the Kitchen/Bathrooms/Other stuff areas, with lots of craigslist items posted daily by great readers especially the amazing Scathing Jane.

Finally – if you are participating in Comments, you are officially required to read the Terms of Use.  The blog has grown so much that when I was home over the winter I did some research and added these. Thank you.

  1. Elaine Murphy says:

    Still waiting for yellow,ivory and green design. Our floor dates from the 50s, and looks it. Kids don ‘t want anything else

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